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Welding Fume Extractors

Air Quality Engineering is your resource for cutting-edge welding fume extraction solutions. In this demanding world, safety is paramount. As industry leaders, we understand that your operations require the utmost precision, productivity, and safety measures. That’s why we’ve designed and manufactured a comprehensive lineup of welding fume extractors tailored to meet the exacting standards of your industrial environment. Our collection features portable, ambient and overhead extractors, each engineered to improve the well-being of your workforce while maintaining optimal workflow efficiency.

Choose From These Popular Welding Fume Extractors

  • M66V media air filtration system with source capture arm

    M66V Media Air Filtration Systems

    Large portable industrial source capture system. Largest of the media, portable units we have to offer.

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  • AQE2000 portable media air cleaner

    AQE2000 Media Air Cleaner for Welding Fume Extraction & Other Industrial Applications

    Portable cartridge unit with a compressed air cleaning system.

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  • Smokemaster M67 self-contained multi-stage air filtration system

    Smokemaster M67 Multi-stage Air Filtration System

    Low cost industrial media filtration system. Suitable only as an ambient (whole room) air cleaner.

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  • M66 R&L media air filtration system

    M66 R&L Media Air Cleaner Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media filtration system. Highly configurable for the widest range of application uses.

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