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M72 In-Duct Media Air Filtration System

MicroGlass Air Cleaner

MicroGlass Air Cleaner

The new M72 from Air Quality Engineering Inc. is an in-duct media air cleaning system. It features the MicroGlass Extended Service Filters for long filter life and high efficiencies to effectively remove smoke, mist, dust and other  airborne contaminants at a rate of up to 6000 cubic feet of air per minute. Multiple units can be used for additional capacity.


MicroGlass Air Cleaner Diagram


  • Extended service life due to large filter media surface area of 400 sq. ft. total.
  • Low filter pressure drop for reduced energy consumption and cost.
  • Air flow capacity up to 6000 cubic feet per minute.
  • High contaminant-holding capacity that results in low maintenance (fewer change-outs) and disposal costs.
  • Increased efficiency during service life (no particle migration or fiber breakoff).
  • Higher recommended final pressure drop (longer filter life) than conventional bag filter systems.
  • Stacking capacity up to 36,000 CFM with optional hardware.


MicroGlass Air Cleaner Efficiency MicroGlass Air Cleaner Efficiency


DIMENSIONS 21″L x 49.5″ W x 32.25″ H
WEIGHT 137 lbs. installed weight
162 lbs. shipping weight
CABINET 16 gauge galvanized steel
PRIMARY FILTER Rigid V-bank, mini-pleated microglass fiber construction.
Two 23″ x 23″ x 11 ½” filters in each unit. Filters weigh
13.25 lbs. each with a total collection area of 400 sq. ft.
MOUNTING Standing or hanging cabinet with horizontal or vertical
airflow. Ceiling mount brackets are standard.
INSTRUMENTATION Dirty Filter Gauge designed to determine filter replacement
FILTER ACCESS Side load track system with hinged access door

MicroGlass Air Filtration System Diagram

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