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News For Air Cleaner Resellers And Dealers

Hello AQE dealers and resellers. We’re proud to announce that AQE is now equipped with the necessary tools for one-on-one web presentations and training exercises for well-qualified dealers and resellers. We’ve recently setup a training room with the following amenities:

  • Skype ready with 50″ monitor and widescreen camera for optimal visual aid
  • Full presentation material on the following applications and product lines:
  • Presentations/Training Exercises are chaperoned by our air quality expert sales and engineering staff
  • Training room can be outfitted with fully functional display units for a hands on learning experience
  • Each presentation/training session can be tailored to your specific needs and questions

Contact your AQE representative today to setup a training session for you and your sales staff! Call us toll free at 1-800-328-0787 or send us an email at info@air-quality-eng.com.