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The X-11Q from our Line of Cigarette Smoke Filters

Applications: Smoke Eaters | Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners
X-11Q commercial electrostatic air cleaner, designed for false ceiling installation

The X-11Q cigarette smoke filter is designed to fit inconspicuously into a drop ceiling, replacing a 2′ x 4′ ceiling tile. The X-11Q filters smoke, dust, pollen and many other irritants with up to 99.8% efficiency without the need to replace filters. Designed with the user in mind, the 3 speed fan found on this air cleaner quietly and efficiently cleans an area using the Coanda airflow pattern.

And our equipment is built with high grade components like industrial cells instead of residential cells. These are the same components from our industrial product line used for welding smoke and CNC machining. Here’s a parts list for all our air cleaners designed to remove tobacco smoke from the air.

Learn how you can efficiently bring clean air to your workplace with the technical specifications below.

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X-11Q Smokemaster® High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions

X-11Q Commercial Indoor Air Cleaner

x-11q-coanda-effectFeatures the Coanda 4-way airflow pattern. Adjustable louvers allow airflow refinement.

  • Totally self-contained air cleaner
  • Ultimate ‘flush with ceiling’ mounted workhorse
  • Requires no filter replacement
  • Features industrial-rated electronic filtration cell

Superior performance and time tested design makes the Smokemaster® an excellent choice for removing tobacco smoke, pollen, mold spores and dust.

X-11q Air Cleaner at the bar


The Model X-11Q Electronic Air cleaner:

  • Comprehensive
  • Inconspicuous
  • Economical
  • Quiet
  • Assures your indoor air quality

X-11Q Commercial Indoor Air Cleaner Specs


Contaminant particles, such as those in tobacco smoke, receive an electrical charge as they pass into the electronic cell and are then attracted to oppositely charged collector plates, where they are held, similar to the way that metal filings collect to a magnet. The air vent provides dilution control of gaseous contaminants. Standard activated carbon filter absorbs odors and gases to further freshen the air.


  • High Efficiency – Removes dust, smoke, pollen and other particles using high efficiency electronic collector cells.
  • Inconspicuous – The attractive grille fits flush with the ceiling and is completely inconspicuous! The cabinet is hidden in the unused space above the ceiling.
  • Quiet – Three-speed controller is standard and allows for quiet operation without sacrificing effectiveness. It’s ideal for private offices, conference rooms or other areas where noise levels may be a factor.
  • Easy Installation – Special-mounting brackets simplify the installation and do not require any additional space above cabinet height of 13 5/8″.
  • Coanda Airflow – Effective 360° Coanda airflow gently and evenly distributes clean air and returns dirty air to the unit. Coanda airflow destratifies air and eliminates “stuffy” air pockets.
  • Economical – Permanent electronic collector cell assures low operating cost by eliminating costly filter replacements. Moreover, because collector cells offer no airflow restriction, only limited horsepower is necessary, thus reducing noise and electrical draw.
  • Comprehensive – Two activated carbon filters for odor control included.


220V 50/60 Hz
LOW SPEED:500 CFM / 1.9 Amps
MEDIUM SPEED:900 CFM / 2.2 Amps
HIGH SPEED:1100 CFM / 2.6 Amps
COLOR:COLOR:White or Black
MOTOR:1/10 Hp energy efficient motor,
fan motor vibration isolation mounted
DIMENSIONS:46 3/4″ L x 22 3/4″ W x 13 5/8″ H
(Fits 2′ x 4′ tile opening. *Power module adds 2″ width
above drop ceiling. Contact factory for non-drop ceiling
installation information.)
WEIGHT:83 lbs. installed; 107 lbs. shipping
105.8 Sq. Ft.
SORBENT MEDIA:2 Activated Carbon Filters, 10″ x 22″ x .5″
AIR CLEANING EFFICIENCY:EFFICIENCY:Independent lab tested to the most
current, stringent standards to deliver
over 98.8% efficiency on 3 micron
particles at medium speed.


  • Remote Fan Speed Control Kit
  • Electronic Cell Wash Tank and Detergent
X-11Q Commercial Indoor Air Cleaner Diagram

Installation Schematic

Specifications subject to change without notice. This product is not available for resale or installation in California.

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