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Smokemaster® C-12 - From Our Line of Electronic Air Cleaners

Applications: Smoke Eaters | Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners
Smokemaster C-12 commercial electrostatic air cleaner

The Smokemaster® C-12 is an ideal electronic air cleaner for mounting to solid ceilings for capture of both particulate and gaseous contaminants, particularly from cigarette smoke. This is one of the best air cleaners for the removal of odors and tobacco smoke, as well as pollen, dust, vapors and many other irritants. The Smokemaster® C-12 electronic air cleaner uses high efficiency electrostatic cells which eliminates the need to purchase additional air filters. Designed with the user in mind, the 3 speed fan quietly and efficiently cleans an area using the Coanda airflow pattern. Order your Smokemaster® C-12 today.

And our equipment is built with high grade components like steel cabinets instead of plastic cabinets and industrial cells instead of residential cells. These are the same components from our industrial product line used for welding smoke and CNC machining. Here’s a parts list for our Smokemaster® C-12.

Be sure to check out all the benefits and specs of the Smokemaster® C-12 electronic air cleaner below.

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Smokemaster® C-12 High Quality Air Cleaner

Smokemaster® C-12 Self-Contained Air Cleaning System

C12 Lab C12 Welding

Whether you’re addressing air quality in a laboratory, light manufacturing environment, or a cigar bar; you need a solution that delivers highly efficient air cleaning. Rather than an expensive exhaust system, the Smokemaster® C-12 is a low cost, minimal maintenance clean air solution.

The Smokemaster® C-12 delivers efficiency, savings, and minimal maintenance cost through:

  • Rugged steel construction for unit longevity.
  • Durable industrial-grade electronic cells.
  • Coanda Aerodynamic Principle’s unique 4-way method of air recirculation optimizes the manner in which air circulates within a room, thus maximizing the amount of dirty air cleaned.
  • Permanently washable electronic cells that are more environmentally friendly.

The Smokemaster® C-12 air cleaner is THE air cleaning solution for indoor air quality!

C12 Air Cleaner Big Diagram

Smokemaster®‘s key feature is the multidirectional air pattern, the Coanda Aerodynamic Principle.

COANDA Effect DiagramOur unique four-way method of air recirculation maximizes the amount of contaminated air reaching the air cleaner. Once at the air cleaner, the contaminated air particles are collected through “electrostatic precipitation” (the charging of particles to be collected with the primary washable cell). This provides high-efficiency air cleaning and reduced overall maintenance costs with an environmentally friendly air cleaning solution.

The Smokemaster® electronic air cleaner efficiently removes airborne particles like smoke, dust, and dirt so small that it would take 7,000 of them to stretch across this dot (.).


The Smokemaster® can be easily mounted to the ceiling or a wall and plugs into a 120V outlet. Optimal positioning is nearest the source of contaminant. A qualified representative can assist you with sizing and location for maximum effectiveness.


Aluminum prefilters and the Smokemaster® cells are quickly removed and easily cleaned by soaking in a conventional wash container. Cleaning intervals are dependent on the contaminant density in the area being cleaned.

Unit Part Numbers

00006C-12 Ivory
00007C-12 Black

Optional Accessories

41067Heavy Duty Prefilter (2 required per C12)
07094Odor Neutralizer Kit (Retainer and 6 cartridges)
450081 Gallon Concentrate Cell Cleaning Detergent
450231 Pint Cell Coat
30182Wash Container with Lid
07006Wall-Mounting Kit
050073-speed Wall-Mount Switch


Capacity (CFM)

Low SpeedMed. SpeedHigh Speed

Electrical Ratings

Voltage and Frequency – 120V ac, 50/60 Hz or 240V ac, 50/60 Hz
Current and Power Consumption

Low SpeedMed. SpeedHigh Speed




75 lbs64 lbs


Independent lab tested to the most current, stringent standards to deliver over 98.8% efficiency on 3 micron particles at medium speed.


3-prong, 10-foot power cord plugs into standard grounded outlet.

Specifications subject to change without notice.  This product is not available for sale, resale or installation in California.

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