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Porta Air Portable Industrial Air Cleaner

Porta Air portable cartridge unit without the compressed air cleaning system

This portable cartridge system is a manually cleaned media air cleaner for use in intermittent duty source capture applications in industry. The Porta Air captures airborne contaminants such as welding smoke, grinding dust, plastic dust and other fine particles to give people working in industrial settings the best air possible.

Learn more about the Porta Air air cleaner with the data sheet specification information below, or check out the replacement parts we carry for the unit. Info on our Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) / Source Capture Arm solutions can be found here.

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Porta Air: Portable Cartridge System

Portable Cartridge System

AQE 2000 portable air cleaner

The new portable cartridge system from Air Quality Engineering Inc. is a complete self-contained media air cleaner for use in source capture applications in industrial settings. The Porta Air captures airborne contaminants such as welding smoke, grinding dust, plastic dust and other fine particles.


Principles of Operation:

Airborne contaminants enter the Porta Air through the hood/arm assembly at a rate of 1100 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). Heavy particles are propelled downward through the venturi and into the removable clean out trays. Small submicron particles are then trapped within the pleats of the two MERV 15 rated cartridge filters. The cleaned air is then gently diffused out the bottom of the unit. Replace filters when the differential pressure gage indicates that the cartridge filters are dirty.


  • Air volume – 1100 cfm
  • Externally supported 13′ arm. Full 360° rotation
  • 1.5 horse power motor
  • 382 square feet of filter media
  • 99.8% efficient at .5 micron
  • Large 8″ diameter front wheels
  • Quiet operation
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • LED light and hood controls
  • 2nd stage HEPA filter


DIMENSIONS 46″H x 28.5″W x 37″D
WEIGHT 400 lbs actual, 450 lbs shipping
ARM ASSEMBLY 13′ long x 8″ or 6″ diameter. Externally supported arm with full 360º arm rotation. Arm assembly incorporates a gas spring which provides easy up and down movement.
HOOD Spun formed aluminum hood with flange. Hood moves easily vertically and horizontally.
MOTOR 1.5 HP thermally protected
BLOWER Direct drive, backward incline.
CONTROLS All models include control circuitry and thermal protection.
POWER 120V/60 hz/14 amp running or 208-240V/60 hz/8 amp running. Ten-foot power cord with molded plug standard on both single phase models.
CASTERS Two large 8″ diameter semi-pneumatic (front) wheels and two heavy duty swivel casters (back)
FINISH Durable powder coat paint
FILTRATION Two high efficiency cartridge filters: 12 3/4″ diameter x 22″, 382 sq. ft. total, 99.8% efficient at .5 micron (MERV 15)
FILTER ACCESS Hinged side door
FILTER GAUGE Dirty filter gauge indicates pressure up to 10″ WG
NOISE LEVEL 73 dBa at 6′.
WARRANTY Limited three year warranty.

Porta Air with filters

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