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MX66O Series of Central Filtration Systems

M4660 Mist Smoke Collector

The MX66O series includes large industrial media-based air cleaning systems. Scalable configurations of the MX66O series may include either two, three or four M66O systems based on your shop or plant’s air flow requirements and the motor and blower package you select. Custom motors and blowers are available for a wide variety of machining applications.

The MX66O Series product line provides airflow capacities ranging from 4,000 CFM to 8,000 CFM. The air cleaning systems are designed with multi-stage pre-filter and primary filter options and are customizable to collect and remove your specific particle contaminants. The M266O, M366O and M466O systems can be equipped with HEPA filtration and/or odor modules for increased filter efficiency and vapor/odor control.

These central air filtration systems are extremely flexible and versatile and can be configured to clean the air of coolant mist, grinding dust, process smoke, welding fumes and many other industrial manufacturing pollutants. The MX66O series can be installed in a room and configured to provide long life in both continuous and intermittent duty applications.

Blower packages are customized to fit individual customer needs, based on room size, pollutants and more. Contact one of our air cleaning professionals for assistance in system configuration and filter selection.

Learn more about the MX66O Series of air cleaners with this data sheet, or review our parts list for media mist collectors.

M33O / M66O Mist Collectors

Photo of M33O


Photo of M366O 3 Stage with HEPA


Photo of M466O 2 Stage

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