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MistBuster® 850 Air Cleaner

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An electrostatic precipitation air cleaning system for the source collection and removal of smoke, mist and metal particle contaminants produced from machine tool coolant fluids. In the MistBuster® family of products, the system supplies a higher spindle speed and coolant pressure (600–1,500 PSI).

The MistBuster® 850 five-stage air filtration system features Air Quality Engineering, Inc.’s patented Advantage™ electronic collector cell and one or two high-efficiency electronic collector cells. The electronic collector cells provide a collection efficiency up to 99.4% on all submicron particles. An optional fifth-stage HEPA filter offers filtration efficiency up to 99.97%. Airflow is variable and controllable up to 850 CFM. Easily switch between water-soluble or oil-based machine tool coolants using Air Quality Engineering, Inc.’s patented variable voltage coolant selector A variety of mounting options are available allowing maximum versatility.

For more information on our powerful industrial air cleaner, check out the MistBuster® 850 spec sheet below, learn about additional features of the MistBuster® product line or review the MistBuster® parts list. You can even check out our complete MistBuster® Resource Center.

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MistBuster® 850 Specifications

New! MistBuster® Patented Technology

MistBuster® is the best value for a compact, energy efficient, reliable mist collection solution.

  • High efficiency air filtration through the use of industrial grade electronic cells designed for low static pressure with ultimate efficiency up to 99.4% on all submicron particles, as measured by an independent lab test in accordance with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 750 CFM.
  • Reliable operation based on in-depth knowledge of air filtration design, all electrical components are in a sealed compartment, isolated from the air stream and added to our patented AQE Advantage™ cell to reduce maintenance.
  • Versatile design through a patented coolant selector switch, the MistBuster® electronic line of air cleaners can handle the electronic requirements of water based or oil based coolant collection that cause other air cleaners to fail.
  • Ease of installation through direct machine mount, ceiling mount, wall mount, or floor mount via a pedestal stand.
  • Comprehensive solutions for a wide range of machining operations designed for single to multiple machine tool applications using electronic precipitation and for applications requiring it – media and odor control based systems.
  • Compact, energy efficient design drawing as little as 1.08 amp under full load, and as small in size as a household microwave.

Air Quality Engineering stands behind the quality of the MistBuster® with a limited 36 month warranty.

MistBuster® 850 – Next Generation

MistBuster 850 inside

AIRFLOWVariable to 850 cfm
CABINET16 gauge steel cabinet with powder coated chemical resistant baked enamel, available in ivory or gray textured finish
POWER INPUT115 Vac, 60 Hz, 1 ph, 4.3 amps
240 Vac, 60 Hz, 1ph, 2.15 amps
460 Vac, 60 Hz, 1ph, 1.08 amps
(connects to 2 legs of 460 VAC, 3 ph)
EFFICIENCYUltimate efficiency up to 99.4% on all submicron particles as measured by independent lab test in accordance with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 750 CFM
FILTRATION STAGES1st Stage 4″ aluminum mesh impinge
2nd Stage AQE Advantage™ electronic cell (long life)
3rd Stage MistBuster® electronic cell (high efficiency)
4th Stage Optional MistBuster® electronic cell (high efficiency)
5th Stage Optional HEPA filter 99.97% efficiency, ESF filter, or carbon module
FEATURESTwo energy-efficient, self-regulating, dual-voltage, solid-state power supplies
Patented water/oil coolant selector for a wider range of application compatibility
Patented electronic cell design that helps decrease service intervals
ErP-compliant, backward-curved, vibration-free, direct drive motorized impeller rated at 850 CFM @ 1.1″ w.g. provides energy-efficient operation and increased performance to save on operating costs while performing well with increased airflow resistance from post filter or long duct lengths
Ten-foot power cord with molded plug
Quick-release, quarter-turn fasteners for fast, easy side-panel electrical compartment access reduces service and repair time
Door and gasket profile increases door-to-seal contact to prevent leakage and pooling of coolant inside of door
Door-latch spacers prevent over-compression of the gasket and increase gasket life
DIMENSIONSCabinet 27.10″ L x 14.00″ W x 27.47″ H
INLET OPENING16.62″ x 9.08″
WEIGHT99 lbs. installed, 111 lbs. shipping (2 Cells)
113 lbs. installed, 125 lbs. shipping (3 Cells)
ACCESSORIESMachine Mount Stand | Pedestal Stand
Ceiling Mount Kit | Wall Mount Kit
Plenum | Diffuser | HEPA Post filter
ESF Post filter | Carbon Module
Specifications subject to change without notice.

MistBuster® 850 Dimensions

MistBuster 850 dimensions
* All measurements in inches

MistBuster 850 photos

Next Generation Technology

High Efficiency Collector Cell

Mistbuster Next Generation DiagramWhile electrostatic mist collectors provide a high-efficiency filtration system for mist and smoke collection, they sometimes require frequent washing of the electronic filter cell. Cell washing is required when collected contaminants cause a short circuit in the cell. Using next-generation technology, individual test sites have seen service intervals increase from monthly washing, to yearly washing of the collector cells. Individual results will vary.

MistBuster®‘s patented next-generation technology aims to minimize the short circuits which require the washing of the electronic filter cells through:

  • Floating ionizer contact
  • Proprietary ceramic insulator design
  • Enhanced cell end plates
  • Patented collector fin design
  • Internal cabinet “air break”
  • Patented variable voltage coolant selector

(Patents #6428611 and #7717984)

Check out additional features of our MistBuster® product line.

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