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MiracleAir® HEPA Home, Office, School Air Cleaner

MiracleAir HEPA air cleaner for the home

Enhance indoor air quality with the PM400 MiracleAir® and provide TRUE hospital grade HEPA filtration. The PM400 maximizes the amount air flowing through the large HEPA filter while maintaining an optimal air-to-cloth ratio for best filter life.

Durable and rugged, the PM400 air purifier is ideal for commercial and institutional environments and is even suitable for some industrial uses. The PM400 is so versatile it is often used in residential settings on lower speed settings when real commercial grade true HEPA filtration is desired. Multiple units can be used for larger areas.

Among other measures for enhanced air filtration, the CDC suggests use of portable HEPA air cleaners in the COVID-19 engineering controls for ventilation section of the pertinent guidelines for office buildings. An ASHRAE position document is also linked by the CDC, suggesting the same exposure control use of portable HEPA air cleaners as well. In addition, the scientific literature states “Portable HEPA filter systems have been shown to be another effective tool in reducing viral load.” Air Quality Engineering produces the hospital grade HEPA portable air purification units such as referenced in the scientific literature. Our PM400 uses proven hospital grade HEPA filtration to remove potentially harmful microscopic particles. Therefore, there are no ozone emission concerns such as those found in some ionizing units. Let our true HEPA filtration units reduce contaminant concentrations and:

  • Improve the air quality in your office space
  • Improve the air quality in retail and commercial environments
  • Improve waiting area or lobby air quality

Intertek ETL Listed marking
Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.
For all our office, school and residential air cleaners we also carry replacement parts.

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PM400 MiracleAir® HEPA Air Cleaner for the Office, Home, or School

How to Get the Freshest-Smelling, Cleanest, Most Breathable Air in Your Home or Office

MiracleAir Air Cleaner 2
Intertek ETL Listed marking

The MiracleAir® delivers exactly what you need – clean, fresh-smelling, breathable air – from a high-performance, superior air cleaner that contains the same powerful robust odor-control components found in industrial and commercial air filtration units. In fact, the optional MiracleAir® 15-pound ultra-absorbent carbon filter is one of the hardest working, most effective odor-eliminators on the market today.

What’s more, the PM400 MiracleAir® is affordable and low maintenance with a large true HEPA filter that doesn’t require frequent replacement. That means compared to other HEPA units, the PM400 PM400 MiracleAir® has four times the media for filter life that can last sixteen times longer than the competition. Plus, with its high performance 7 blade motorized impeller, you enjoy quiet, smooth operation, so you barely know it’s there. In the end, that means you get affordable, quality air filtration for any room with a completely portable unit, so you can breathe easy anywhere, anytime, for a long time to come.

In fact, we’re so confident you’re going to enjoy the healthy benefits of the PM400 MiracleAir®, that we warranty the unit against manufacturer’s defects in parts and workmanship for three full years from the date of purchase. Contact Air Quality Engineering at 800-328-0787 or [email protected] and we’ll show you how you can experience the optimized benefits of the PM400 MiracleAir® in your home or office today!

  • Cleans and sanitizes the air by trapping pollutants, allergens, dust and other particles with true HEPA filter (99.97% @ .3µ with 82 sq. ft. of surface area)
  • Powerful odor control capabilities utilizing 15 lbs. of activated charcoal (optional)
  • Optimal airflow in all conditions with the infinitely variable speed motor/blower
  • Completely portable and easy to move with included casters
  • Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.

Air Cleaner used in home
Technical Specifications

AIRFLOW0-400 CFM* infinitely variable speed control
PREFILTERImpregnated carbon prefilter
HEPA FILTERTrue HEPA with 82 sq. ft. of filtration area
ODOR CONTROL15 pounds activated carbon (optional)
Other blends available
FAN/MOTORDynamically balanced precision-
built motor/blower for smooth
vibration-free operation
SOUND LEVELAt 3 meters, 64 dBA on high, 35 dBA on low
POWER CONSUMPTION250 Watts at maximum airflow
VOLTAGE REQUIRED120 Volts, 2 amps, 60Hz or
240 Volts, 1 amp, 50/60Hz
SIZE15.6 W x 15.6 D x 22.5 H
WEIGHT49 lbs, Approximate shipping weight 57 lbs
HOUSING FINISHDurable powder-coated enamel finish

*Airflow rating with .9″ water differential pressure across filters. Airflow at other conditions will vary.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Limited Warranty – Air Quality Engineering, Inc. warrants this equipment against manufacturer’s defects in parts and workmanship for three full years from the date of purchase. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has a policy of continuing product improvement and has the right to change product design and specification without notice.

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