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MiracleAir HEPA Home Air Cleaner

MiracleAir HEPA air cleaners for the home are designed to remove air odor, pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, vapors and many other irritants and allergens using the same industrial grade HEPA and sorbent media filters to protect workers from dangerous lead solder fumes and carcinogens. The MiracleAir air cleaner for home uses an independent HEPA air filter and sorbent media filter containing both potassium permanganate and virgin coconut shell for maximum efficiency over a wide range of gases. With an independent HEPA filter containing 82 sq. ft of media, and the optional sorbent canister containing 15 lbs. of sorbent media, the MiracleAir air purifier is designed to provide long filter life and maximize cost efficiency. For all our residential air cleaners we also carry replacement parts.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The PM-400 air cleaner has not been tested for compliance to California Air Resource Board requirements and may not be shipped to California.***

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