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HEPA Filter Air Cleaners: The M68 Air Purifiers

M68 self-contained HEPA air cleaner

The M68 is a self-contained HEPA air cleaner rated at 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. The M68V is a portable version that maximizes flexibility in use. Both units are ideal where higher efficiency filtration is required. The M68 may also be installed as a post filter module in conjunction with other air purifiers, including the M66 or F66 air cleaners. Optional accessories include backward inclined blower packages up to 5 hp for additional static pressure capacity, silencer, overhead mechanical arms with halogen lighted hoods and more.

Learn more about the M68 and M68V portable air cleaners with these data sheet. We also carry parts for our M68 and M68V self-contained air cleaners.

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