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M66V Media Air Filtration Systems

The M66V is a portable version of the M66 that maximizes flexibility in use. Both air purification systems can be ordered in a variety of filter configurations including electrostatic, HEPA, activated carbon and more which will effectively remove a wide range of airborne contaminants including smoke, soot, fine dusts, vapors mist, VOC’s and more at a rate of up to 3200 cfm. Optional accessories are available for both M66 model air filtration media including backward inclined blower packages up to 5 hp for additional static pressure capacity, silencer, overhead mechanical arms with halogen lighted hoods, HEPA filter options and more.

For more information on our powerful media air cleaner, check out the M66V technical specifications below, or review our parts list for media mist collectors. Learn more about our Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) / Source Capture Arm solutions here.

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M66V Media Air Cleaner Specifications

M66V media air cleaner

The M66 from Air Quality Engineering, Inc. is a self-contained media air cleaning system designed for use in source capture applications where mobility is desired. The M66 can be ordered in a three-stage filtration configuration which will effectively remove a broad range of airborne contaminants including fine dust, smoke, soot, vapors, mist, VOC’s and more at a rate of up to 2000 cfm.


DIMENSIONS:41.25″L x 31.13″W x 73″H
WEIGHT:368 lbs. installed
440 lbs. shipping weight
CABINET:16 gauge galvanized welded steel cabinet with baked enamel texture coated finish.
Drain connection for oil mist removal. Four heavy duty swivel casters.
VoltagePhase1 HP Amps2 HP Amps3 HP Amps
PRIMARY FILTER:24″ x 24″ x 22″ 8 pocket, 66 sq. ft. of synthetic media.
Optional filters can increase filter media to 200 sq. ft.
Stock No.Filter*
4107295% Bag
4105685% Bag
4105565% Bag
4106135% Bag

*Efficiency based on ASHRAE 52.2

PREFILTER:30-35% efficient pleated filter, 24″ x 24″ x 4″.
Filter media is a cotton and synthetic blend.
Total prefilter media area is 29.5 sq. ft
MOTOR:1 HP sealed ball bearings and thermally protected.
Adjustable motor sheave allows for field adjustments to the rated air flow
BLOWER:Forward curved, ball bearing, belt driven centrifugal blower. This blower is capable of moving 4400 cfm free air.
INSTRUMENTATION:Minihelic Gauge – Factory installed pressure gauge designed to determine filter replacement cycle.
Indicator Light – Light indicates that the blower motor is energized properly.
FILTER ACCESS:Side load track system with hinged access door.
280 lbs. shipping
SOUND LEVELS:67 dBA at 9′, 66 dBA at 15′.
MECHANICAL ARM:13′ externally supported arm swings 180º on its axis and reaches from floor to 13′ high.
Once this arm is positioned, the hood and hose remain in place until moved.

M66V media air cleaner M66V media air cleaner filters


  • 36 months parts warranty.
  • One externally supported 13′ arm with 8″ or 6″ diameter smooth pipe with hood.
  • One HP maintenance-free motor.
  • 35% efficient 4″ pleated prefilter.
  • Primary filter.
  • 10′ power cord with molded plug.


  • Halogen light and hood controls.
  • Up to 90 lb. activated carbon module.
  • Double arm configuration.
  • 1.5 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP motor upgrades.
  • BI blower upgrade.
  • Extended service filter upgrade.
  • HEPA filter upgrade.
  • Adsorptive media filter upgrades.

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