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FumeFighter® Industrial Air Cleaner: Fume Extractor

FumeFighter fume extraction air cleaner

The FumeFighter® fume extraction air cleaners are designed to capture and clean fumes and gases generated from soldering, adhesives, stained glass work and many other indoor applications. Exceptionally high quality air cleaner package couples the largest filters available in the industry with a compact, vibration free blower package. Filters include a true 99.97% HEPA filter with over 82 sq. ft of media and a 15 lb. sorbent media filter to insure high efficiency and longevity. The HEPA filter alone in this unit is as large as many of the competitors whole air cleaner! The gas filter cartridge on the FumeFighter is also 5 times larger than the average competitor’s gas cartridge. It has been shown that a doubling of media area results in filter life approximately 4 times longer for a comparable airflow. The blower package is a German built motorized impeller using a very high efficiency external rotor motor that delivers more airflow with less energy. The FumeFighter comes standard with an infinitely variable speed control that provides maximum versatility to the user while consuming less than 2 amps at 115V. All of this in a compact unit designed to fit under a standard bench with a very cost competitive price tag and lower operating costs in the long run.

For more information on our efficient fume extractors, check out the FumeFighter® spec sheet. Replacement part info for our FumeFighter is available here.

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