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High Quality Industrial Air Cleaners: The F73A / F73B Fume Extraction Systems

F73A fume extraction system

The F73A and F73B fume extraction systems provide industrial electronic control of welding and metalworking fumes in work areas. Both these quality systems clean the air of industrial smoke and oil mists. Either source capture techniques or ambient air cleaning can be used to provide healthier working conditions.

Find all the details on this great electrostatic air cleaner below, or review the electrostatic air cleaners parts list.

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F73 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Specifications

Supplying Clean Air to Industry

F73 Welding F73 Nuts and Bolts F73 Warehouse

Let Air Quality Engineering use our decades of air cleaning experience to help solve your industrial air quality problems and improve your plant’s productivity.

Air Quality Engineering uses proven technologies and a comprehensive range of equipment to handle harmful airborne industrial contaminants such as coolant mist, welding smoke, and grinding dust. Our industrial air cleaners are easily installed and available for general background air cleaning or source capture applications.

The F73 is an electrostatic air cleaner designed for ambient (background) air cleaning or it can be ducted for source capture applications addressing mist, smoke, and dust. Whether you are cold heading, welding, or handling the dust associated with warehousing facilities, the F73 is a high efficiency electrostatic air cleaning solution.

Electronic air cleaners are ideal for removing extremely small smoke, mist and dust particles from the air. These are removed from the air by charging the particles and then passing through a collector section. Advantages of electronic air cleaners include:

  • Ideal for fine particles such as smoke, mist, and dust
  • Low airflow resistance compared to media filters
  • No restriction of airflow as the cells become dirty
  • Low airflow resistance results in quieter and more efficient air cleaning
  • Filter replacement is not required

The F73 provides a maximum recommended airflow of 6000 CFM at 80% efficiency.

F73 Air Cleaner Installed

Maximum Recommended Airflow:5000 CFM at 90% efficiency
6000 CFM at 80% efficiency
Cabinet:16 gauge steel
Power Input:208-240V/60/1 Phase
208-240V/60/3 Phase
440-480V/60/3 Phase
International voltages available
Motor Options:2HP, 3HP, 5HP
Blower Options:Belt driven forward curved
Direct drive backward inclined
Standard Features:Indicator light for power supply
Filter Options Prefilter:2 1″ aluminum mesh filters
Filter Options Primary:2 24″ x 24″ x 10 1/4″ electronic cells
Accessories:Double pass model
Custom plenum
Additional prefiltration
Wall mount arm Odor module
Weight:555 lbs shipped
495 lbs installed

Specifications subject to change without notice. This unit is required to be used in source capture configurations only when installed in California. Units purchased for installation in California must be purchased with Air Quality Engineering supplied and installed source capture plenums.

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