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F66 / F66V Smoke & Oil Mist Eliminator

F66 oil mist collector

The F66 is a self-contained smoke and oil mist eliminator, electronic air filtration system designed for general background cleaning or ducted for source capture applications. The F66V is a portable option which maximizes flexibility in use. Both oil mist eliminators efficiently capture smoke, fumes, light dusts, coolant mists, soot and other airborne contaminants at a rate of up to 2600 CFM with no costly filter replacement. Add an F66 filtration system to your workplace today.

Learn more about the F66 electronic air cleaner below. If you are looking for parts for the F66/F66V, you can review the electrostatic air cleaners parts list.

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Self-Contained Electronic Air Cleaner

F66 Electronic Air Cleaner

The F66 from Air Quality Engineering, Inc. is a self-contained electronic air cleaning system designed for general background cleaning or ducted for source capture applications. The F66 efficiently captures a broad range of airborne contaminants including smoke, fumes, soot, light dusts and coolant mists at a rate of up to 2,600 cfm, with no costly filter replacement.


F66 Chart


  • 36 months parts warranty
  • Motor starter and control circuitry
  • 4-way adjustable louvres
  • Mounting bracket


  • 2 and 3 hp motor upgrade
  • High static fans
  • Source capture plenum
  • Drain kit
  • Impinger assembly
  • Media prefilter pad and frame
  • Source capture arm(s)
  • Double pass electronic cells
  • Cell cleaner
  • Cell coat


DIMENSIONS 41″ L x 27.5″ W x 26.5″ H
WEIGHT 278 lbs. installed weight
325 lbs. shipping weight
AIR FLOW Maximum 2,600 cfm
EFFICIENCY Up to 95% based on 3 micron based on ASHRAE 52.2 test method.
110-120 1 12 NA NA
208-240 1 6.6 9 NA
208-240 3 3.8 7 9
440-480 3 1.9 3.5 4.4
ELECTRONIC CELL 2 included providing 218 sq. feet of surface area.
Minimum voltage gradient is 20,000 volts per inch.
Cell weight is 33 lbs. each.
PREFILTER/POSTFILTER 1″ multi-layered aluminum mesh.
POWER SUPPLY Self-regulating, dual voltage, industrial-rated power supply.
DIAGNOSITCS Test button to ensure collector operation and system lamp to monitor performance.
MOTOR 1 hp maintenance free motor. Adjustable motor sheave allows for field airflow adjustment.
BLOWER Forward curved, ball bearing, belt driven centrifugal blower. This blower is capable of moving 4400 cfm free air.
CABINET 16 gauge welded steel cabinet with a baked enamel, textured coated finish.
POWER CORD Ten foot power cord with standard molded plug included on all single phase models.
SOUND LEVELS 73.5 dBa at 9′, 70 dBa at 15′.

F66 Air Cleaner

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