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F61 AUTOCLEAN® Series: Self-Washing Electrostatic Air Cleaner For Kitchen Exhaust and Smoke

The F61 AUTOCLEAN® electrostatic air cleaner series is modular and can be configured to achieve any airflow capacity and efficiency. This is perfect for using it as a commercial kitchen air cleaner or for removing cigarette smoke from the air. F61 AUTOCLEAN® is an in-line electrostatic air cleaner with an integral, dynamic wash system and programmable control providing the ultimate solution to your air filtration needs.

The F61 AUTOCLEAN® is available in multiple sizes and is customizable to meet your air filtration needs. Premier wash system both rotates and traverses the electronic collector cells to ensure complete cleaning of the collector fins. Kitchen-mounted Human Machine Interface (HMI) for remote control of the on-board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Replacement parts for our commercial kitchen air cleaning units are also available.

F61 Air Cleaners Enclosure    F61 Air Cleaners Interior

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