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CM-12 MiracleAir® Tobacco, Cigarette Smoke Air Cleaners

Applications: Smoke Eaters | Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaners
CM-12 MiracleAir smoke air cleaner

The CM-12 commercial air cleaner is the ultimate solution for indoor air pollution capturing both particulate and gaseous contaminants, as with cigarette smoke. This air cleaner not only is efficient at removing tobacco smoke, but also excels at getting pollen, dust, vapors, odors and many other irritants out of the air with high efficiency, long lasting disposable filters.

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Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.

Learn more about the MiracleAir® CM-12 indoor air cleaner below with the unit’s technical specs. Here’s a parts list for all our air cleaners designed to remove tobacco smoke from the air.

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MiracleAir® CM-12 Specifications

High Performance Particulate and Vapor Filtration Solutions

CM11 Air Cleaner in bar CM11 Air Cleaner in lab CM11 Air Cleaner in shop

Indoor air quality issues, whether within cigar bars, laboratories, or light manufacturing, require a combination of high efficiency filtration and absorbent media to handle both airborne contaminant and odor/ vapor removal. Air Quality Engineering’s EverClear CM-11 and MiracleAir® CM-12 air cleaners are designed to meet those needs.
Intertek ETL Listed marking
The CM-12 is designed to handle:

  • Heavy smoke and odor associated with cigar and hookah bars
  • Airborne particulate and vapors within medical laboratories and testing environments
  • Smoke from welding and soldering in light manufacturing and cottage industries

The CM-12 delivers efficiency, savings, and minimal maintenance cost by:

  • Removing dust, smoke, pollen and other airborne particles with 95% efficient (at .3 micron) HEPA type filters
  • Using 3-speed controller allowing ease of airflow adjustment
  • Increased filter life by using large volumes of media used in both the particulate and the odor/vapor disposable filters
  • Ease of filter access within the units for maintenance

The CM-12 air cleaner is THE air cleaning solutions for indoor air quality! Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.

MiracleAir® CM-12

CM12 Air Cleaner


The CM-12 can easily be mounted to the ceiling or wall and plugs into a 120V outlet. Optimal positioning is nearest the source of contaminant.

Unit Part Numbers

Standard CM-12

00332MiracleAir® CM-12, WHITE, 120V, 5 lbs. carbon
00432MiracleAir® CM-12, BLACK, 120V, 5 lbs. carbon
00339MiracleAir® CM-12, WHITE, 120V, 5 lbs. carbon, 3-speed wall control
MiracleAir® CM-12, BLACK, 120V, 5 lbs. carbon, 3-speed wall control

Deluxe CM-12

00337MiracleAir® CM-12, WHITE, 120V, 22 lbs. carbon
00431MiracleAir® CM-12, BLACK, 120V, 22 lbs. carbon
00338MiracleAir® CM-12, WHITE, 120V, 22 lbs. carbon, 3-speed wall control
MiracleAir® CM-12, BLACK, 120V, 22 lbs. carbon, 3-speed wall control

Replacement Filters

41194Mesh Prefilter, CM-12
41039Media Prefilter Pad, 24″ x 29.5″ x 1″
41190MERV 16 (95% DOP) Main Filter CM-12
41196Carbon Filter, disposable (2 each required per Standard Unit) CM-12
VOC Replacement Kit CM-12 (1 each required per Deluxe Unit)

Optional Accessories

07171Wall Mount Kit CM-12
41241Prefilter Frame CM-12 for Disposable Pads
Media Prefilter Pad, 24″ x 29.5″ x 1″

CM12 Air Cleaner Diagram

Capacity (CFM)

Low SpeedMed. SpeedHigh Speed


39″22 5/8″13 1/4″


Standard115 lbs90 lbs
Deluxe149 lbs124 lbs

Efficiency (based on filter selection)

EfficiencyPart NoFilter Description
95% DOP on .3 micron41190MERV 16 (95% DOP) Disposable Filter


115V, 4.3 AMPS, 60Hz; 3-prong, 10-foot power cord plugs into standard grounded outlet.
230V, 2.2 AMPS, 60Hz


Specifications subject to change without notice. This product is not available for resale or installation in California.

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