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AQE4000 Jet Dust Collector

  • AQE 4000 air cleaner side view
  • AQE 4000 air cleaner
  • AQE 4000 air cleaner with 2 arms
  • AQE 4000 air cleaner with 2 arms
  • AQE 4000 air cleaner – an inside look
  • AQE 4000 air filter

This jet dust collector is a self-contained overhead cartridge system for use in source capture or ambient applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service interval making it ideal for heavy dust loading applications. Available options for this jet dust collector include 11′ and 14′ arms, hood mounted halogen light, source capture plenums, dust hopper, drum mounting kit, silencer and many more.

Learn more about the AQE4000 overhead air cleaner by reading the specifications below, or review our parts list for metal cutting air filtration systems. More info on our Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) / Source Capture Arm solutions can be found here.

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AQE4000 Continuous-cleaning Cartridge Media Air Cleaner

Overhead Cartridge System

AQE4000 Air Cleaner

The new Overhead Cartridge System from Air Quality Engineering Inc. is a self-contained, continuous-cleaning cartridge media air cleaner for use in source capture applications in industry. The Model AQE4000 can be ordered in one and two arm configurations or permanently ducted to capture contaminants such as welding smoke, grinding dust, plastic dust and other fine particles. The AQE4000 can be stand or ceiling mounted.


Principles of Operation

Airborne contaminants enter the AQE4000 through the optional hood/arm assembly at a rate of 1250 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm) per arm. Heavy particles are propelled downward through the venturi and into the clean out drawer. Small submicron particles are then trapped within the pleats of the four 99.8% efficient cartridge filters. The cleaned air is then discharged through the back of the unit. The cartridge filters are cleaned automatically using a Goyen valve reverse pulse system and a solid state automatic control timer.


  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Solid State, Control Timer
  • 5 hp TEFC motor
  • 1100 square feet of media
  • 99.8% efficient at .5 micron
  • Disconnect and overload protection
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Externally supported 13′ arms with 360 degree rotation
  • Double arm configuration (6″ or 8″ diameter)
  • Photohelic controller
  • Hood mounted halogen light and controls
  • Silencer
  • Sprinkler weldment
  • Wide selection of filter options including flame retardant & hydro-oleophobic coated


All models include control circuitry and thermal protection.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

This unit is required to be used in source capture configurations only when installed in California. Units purchased for installation in California must be purchased with Air Quality Engineering supplied and installed source capture plenums.


DIMENSIONS:21″H x 58″W x 98″D
WEIGHT:Unit 656 lbs. Optional Arm(s): 13′ – 73 lbs.
ARM ASSEMBLY (OPTIONAL):13′ long x 6″ or 8″ diameter. Externally supported arm with full 360º arm rotation. Arm assembly incorporates a gas spring which provides easy up and down movement. 18 ga aluminum hood with handle. Hood moves easily vertically and horizontally.
AIR FLOW VOLUME:2500 cfm total. 1250 per arm.
BLOWER:Direct drive BI. Air Foil Wheel 13.5″ diameter.
CABINET CONSTRUCTION:16 Ga. welded steel.
CONTROL TIMER:Pulse frequency adjustable from 15 seconds to 8 hours.
POWER:208-240V 13.4 amps max 3 phase.
440-480V 6.6 amps max 3 phase.
FINISH:Durable baked enamel paint
FILTRATION:Four high efficiency cartridge filters: 12 3/4″ diameter x 30″
1100 sq. ft. total, 99.8% efficient at .5 micron
FILTER ACCESS:End load through access covers.
FILTER CLEANING:Self-Cleaning Reverse Pulse Jet System which utilizes two 1″ diaphragm valves. Requires 80-120 psi of shop supplied compressed air.
NOISE LEVEL:79 dBA at 6′.
WARRANTY:Limited 36 month warranty.

AQE 4000 arms extended and filters AQE 4000 diagram

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