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AQE Portable Air Cleaner In Action

Those in the welding industry know that having a quality air cleaner can mean the difference between a great work environment and one that makes work difficult at times. That’s why we have spent decades building quality air cleaners that are designed to work effectively and efficient in almost any environment. This is definitely true for the AQE 2000. This is a popular portable air cleaner that cleans air of contaminants like welding smoke, grinding dust and plastic dust.

This video demonstrates the importance of the location of the source capture arm to welding arc. Note how much better the draw is with the same 1100 cfm airflow relative to the distance from the arc. With the same 1100 cfm airflow, you can see how much better the smoke is removed from the welder’s breathing zone as the location of the hood is moved closer. The best location of the source capture hood is actually on the table if one is used – this keeps the welder the most protected. It is also worth noting that the American Welding Society’s (AWS) recommended maximum air velocity at the arc of 100 feet per minute was not exceeded.

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