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Air Filtration Solutions For Medical Device Manufacturers

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Air Quality Engineering provides high-performance air filtration units to medical device manufacturers throughout the world. Our systems are designed to make sure that your manufacturing process performs to the high standards that you strive for. Our advanced air filtration units have consistently set the standard for effectiveness and reliability in ensuring pristine air quality within manufacturing facilities. As leaders in the industry, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a high quality environment in medical device manufacturing, where precision and cleanliness are paramount. Let us partner with you to create the perfect air filtration solution for your facility, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety in every aspect of your production process.

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MistBuster® Units

MistBuster 850 - blue background
Our comprehensive selection of MistBuster® units are designed to improve your manufacturing environment. Our cutting-edge technology ensures highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for managing oil mist while making your workplace environment healthier. With variable speed options, premium blowers, and convenient UPS shipping, MistBuster® stands at the forefront of industrial air cleaner innovation.

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XJ-2 Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Unit

XJ 2 medical facility filtration unit
The XJ-2 is a versatile, amazingly quiet HEPA air cleaning unit for use in airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR), hospital isolation rooms, medical settings, and in hospital infection control applications. Utilizing a dynamically balanced motorized impeller, the XJ-2 air purification system runs smoothly and is infinitely adjustable with minimal noise. Easily configured for use as a negative or positive pressure unit, or for recirculation, the XJ-2 commercial air purifier quickly installs to any standard wall or can be used with its standard roll around base.

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Industrial Air Cleaners

M1600 industrial air cleaner
Air Quality Engineering manufactures a number of popular air filtration units for industrial settings. This includes general air filtration systems that utilize electrostatic precipitator technology, multistage mechanical filters (including, but not limited to HEPA filters) and self-cleaning, reverse pulsing cartridge style dust collectors. All ambient air cleaners and dust collector systems from AQE are designed with the appropriate motor/blower combination and filters to provide the optimum balance in high quality components, low initial purchase price and low operating costs to create the best value.

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M66O Mist Collector

M66O mist collector - blue background
The M66O mist collector is a self-contained air cleaner designed for machining applications. The M66O system is designed to be floor or ceiling mounted and ducted to multiple machine tools. It can be custom configured with multiple stages of filtration to meet your air cleaning needs and maximize filter life. Blower options include belt-driven, forward-curved blowers and direct-drive, backward inclined wheels.

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