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Air Filtration Systems For Machining Smoke, Mist & More

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MistBuster 500 mount stand

Air Quality Engineering is the premier provider of air filtration solutions for industrial and machining processes that generate oil mist and smoke. For decades, our top-of-the-line filtration units have been the choice for businesses requiring efficient removal of airborne contaminants. From manufacturing plants to machining facilities, our units have consistently delivered unmatched performance and reliability, earning us a reputation as leaders in the industry. Our team of experienced engineers understands the unique challenges posed by oil mist and smoke, and we’re dedicated to crafting solutions that meet the precise needs of your environment.

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MistBuster® Units

MistBuster 850 - blue background
Our comprehensive selection of MistBuster® units are designed to improve your industrial environment. Our cutting-edge technology ensures highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for managing oil mist while making your workplace environment healthier. With variable speed options, premium blowers, and convenient UPS shipping, MistBuster® stands at the forefront of industrial air cleaner innovation.

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Media Mist Collectors

M73 media filtration unit - blue background
Media Mist Collectors like the M33O and M66O are designed to be floor or ceiling mounted and ducted to multiple machine tools. These systems utilize disposable media filters to capture the mist and smoke generated and can be custom configured with multiple stages of filtration to meet your air cleaner needs and maximize filter life. A variety of blower options are also available including belt driven forward curved blowers to direct drive backward inclined wheels.

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Electrostatic Air Cleaners

F66 smoke and oil mist eliminator
Electrostatic Collection Systems like the F62B electronic air cleaner, F66 and F73 are ideal for petroleum based cutting oils and smoke. Electronic collector cells are designed for permanent use. In petroleum cutting oil applications, due to the lack of evaporation, the collected and condensed cutting oil keeps the collectors clean of the dust and smoke buildup which requires cleaning. The resulting effect is an electronic collector which requires very little air cleaner maintenance and no ongoing filter costs.

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Welding Fume Extractors

M66V media air filtration system - blue background
Air Quality Engineering manufactures cutting-edge welding fume extractors. We’ve designed a comprehensive lineup of welding fume extractors tailored to meet the exacting standards of your industrial environment. Our collection features portable, ambient and overhead extractors, each engineered to improve the well-being of your workforce while maintaining optimal workflow efficiency. As you continue your search for an air filtration solution, please contact us to speak to one of our technicians who will help guide you to the best air cleaner for your application.

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