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New Weld Fume Collection Arm From Air Quality Engineering

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. announces a new weld fume collection arm for use with portable, stationary or overhead source capture collection systems.

This smooth wall arm utilizes an advanced linkage designed external support structure which allows complete freedom of movement while keeping its position steady. No droop is seen regardless of position. No continually adjusting the arm is needed. In addition, it’s very easy to position. Just place it and forget it. Our new arms are job-tested to be both easy to move and stable once positioned. While old designs tended to “spring-back” our advanced linkage design allows the arm to retain its position even when fully outstretched. And it eliminates recoil when the arm is positioned closer to its mounting point. The smooth inside walls also help reduce friction which allows better air flow.

Air Quality Engineering’s source capture arms are the result of input from our customers and years of engineering development. We recognize that ease of use is fundamental to effective contaminant capture. Minimal internal airflow restrictions result in cost-effective contaminant capture. Minimal wear components ensure long life.

Portable With New Arm

You will also note the bell mouth hood design which gives the best overall capture efficiency. The conical hood design of our source capture arm was the result of an intensive effort to model and develop the most efficient and practical hood design using leading edge computational fluid dynamics programs. These programs use numerical analyses to effectively and accurately model the airflow pattern at the inlet of the hood and maximize the capture velocity as far away from the hood as possible. This mitigates user error and allows for more forgiveness in hood positioning. According to the people who write the airflow manual, the Industrial Ventilation Guide, this design is 26% more efficient than a plain opening hood design. The graph below shows how uniform the airflow is entering the hood and duct, which would be an indication of how well it’s designed. See how it works by viewing the below demonstration video.

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Air Flow Profile

The 13′ arm (fully extended) is now available in 6” diameter and will soon include 8” diameter. Wall mount and machine mount versions are available.

Other accessories include a hood mounted on/off switch, damper and high-intensity halogen lighted hood.

Who would benefit from this? Weld shops where source capture of fume is desired, or where source capture of fume, odor or dust can be attained with a free arm attached to an air cleaner. See some designs of air cleaners here.

Welders will love this arm. It’s easy to use and because of the positioning hold, welders won’t need to keep adjusting it to stay where they want. With the variety of air cleaning equipment available to mate up with this new design, welders will surely find one that fits their needs.

Other manufacturing processes will benefit from this new arm as well. If you have any source capture application where ducting is not practical, consider a portable unit with a collection arm or a central system with one or more arms. One such application would be injection molding during the purge cycle.

The new arm is ready for sale March 1, 2016.

For more information call 1-800-328-0787 or email at info@air-quality-eng.com.