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MistBuster® Mounting Accessory Options

Most MistBuster® customers direct mount the mist collector on the CNC machine tool, which is the best way to capture fugitive mist. But there are some installations where it’s just not possible or practical.

That’s where our line-up of mounting accessories comes in. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has engineered a variety of mounting accessories to complement the MistBuster® product offering.

This includes floor mount, machine mounts with legs, wall mount and ceiling mount options.

Which should you choose?

Depending on the floor space and availability of wall or ceiling connections, the only requirement is that the air cleaner be above the machine tool sufficiently to allow it to drain. If a hose connection is used, make sure the hose is sloped down from the air cleaner to the machine tool so that the hose drains effectively and doesn’t accumulate mist in the hose droop. Mist can accumulate in the hose, become heavy and cause the hose to droop more, leak or become disconnected.

If you decide on using a hose connection of any kind, there are many materials to choose from. The most durable and long lasting product we have found is made from a urethane material. Many other plastics will dissolve in coolant and you’ll be left with a leaky mess. You should also make sure the hose has metal wire helix imbedded for added strength.

MistBuster machine mount stand

MistBuster® Machine Mount Stand

The most popular of the mounting accessories are the plenum and leg stand arrangement. Each model of MistBuster® can be fixed with a plenum which fits below the air cleaner and a leg stand that is affixed to the back of the unit. A length of urethane hose and clamps with drain tubing rounds out the set-up.

Note: When you cut into the machine cavity to make the air inlet hose connection, make sure the hose inlet is not in direct line with the spindle or cutting tools. You don’t want to inadvertently inject metal into the inlet. That material may be carried into the collector, which can be an issue. The key is that generally anywhere you can get an opening into the cavity, and draw unobstructedly will be sufficient. All of the rest of the mounting arrangements will require a hose connection, so the rules here will follow.

The next most popular arrangement is the floor pedestal stand. This arrangement will require additional floor space for the stand, but usually can be located close to the machine tool.

MistBuster Pedestal Stand

MistBuster® Pedestal Stand

If you choose a wall mount installation, choose one where you still have access to the rear of the machine so you can make adjustments to the water/oil switch that is on the back of MistBuster® 500 and 850 models.

The water/oil switch is a patented feature only found on the MistBuster® product. It allows the operator to adjust the voltage to the collection cell and eliminate or minimize the nuisance arcing that may occur when using water based coolants.

By the way, the MistBuster® also utilizes a collection cell that has been shown to significantly reduce the maintenance intervals on the collection cell. In some cases, we’ve seen up to 6 months in service before cleaning on some oil based coolants. That’s a big savings. Not everyone will see this, but it can be achieved.

For ceiling hung installations, make sure the overhead superstructure is capable of withstanding the added load, although the MistBuster® units are relatively light, it pays to be cautious.

Also make sure you don’t have overhead mechanical or cranes that will interfere with the air cleaner.

MistBuster Ceiling Mounted

MistBuster® Ceiling Mounted

The bottom line is that there are lots of ways to install the MistBuster® air cleaner in most every application. Contact your sales representative for further information.