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Success Story: How We Improved the Indoor Air Quality of a Customer’s Cigar Room

Everyone deserves to breathe in clean, fresh air, and at Air Quality Engineering, we work hard to ensure that our customers receive the most cost-effective, high-quality air cleaners and filtration systems that will meet their specific needs. Whether you’re considering an air cleaner for your home, an office, a welding workspace, or even a medical setting, we offer products for every environment.

But don’t just take our word for it. One of our customers, Mike Okel, President of Hughes Peters, Inc., shared his story of how an Air Quality Engineering smoke eater system greatly improved the indoor air quality of his cigar room.
cigar room with quality air cleaner installed

What Are Smoke Eaters, and Who Do They Benefit?

Smoke eaters are a type of air cleaner that can be used in a variety of private and public environments to purify the air of tobacco pollutants that are generated from cigarette, cigar, and hookah smoking. Compared to other types of air purifiers, these units are designed to target smoke and provide powerful odor control and vapor contaminant removal, which benefits both smokers and non-smokers in the immediate area.

How Our Customer Decided He Needed an Air Cleaner for His Cigar Room

This story begins in Edinboro, PA, a borough located just south of Erie, PA. Okel is the president and part owner of Hughes Peters, Inc., an electronic components distributor based in Dayton, OH.

Okel was interested in a new cigar room for personal use at home. “Edinboro gets over 9 feet of snow annually and is very cold,” he explained. “[Many of the winter days are] not nice enough to sit outside and enjoy a good cigar.”

To make cigar smoking more comfortable during the colder times of the year, Okel decided to have a cigar room built off of his property’s barn. He wanted a space that was, “large enough to display some of my stuff, but not overly big. Only enough room for a couple people (or me and my dog Gunner) to spend time together.”

In the end, Okel went with a 12′ x 24′ cigar room. During construction, however, he knew that an air cleaner would be necessary, as he didn’t want a smoke-filled room, nor did he want his display items covered in smoke soot. This is when he contacted our team for help.

We Have a Solution for Every Air Quality Situation

“AQE has been a long-time great customer of HP,” Okel said. “I knew when I had the room built, I needed their product in my room.”

When Okel reached out to us with his request and provided details about his cigar room, we determined that one of our smoke eater air cleaners would be the ideal option. After further discussion, we decided on the X-11Q Smokemaster® High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner, which fits right into the ceiling.
smoke eater installed in cigar room
The X-11Q removes smoke, dust, pollen, and many other irritants with up to 99.8% efficiency without the need to replace filters. It features a 3-speed fan that quietly and efficiently cleans an area using the Coanda 4-way airflow pattern. This unit is also self-contained with a cabinet that’s hidden in the unused space above the ceiling.

For these reasons and more, the X-11Q was the best choice for Okel’s cigar room.

Is the Air Cleaner Getting the Job Done? Yes!

Okel told us that he mainly uses the cigar room from late fall through early spring about 3-4 times per week. Since the unit was installed, he explained that it, “works great. You can hardly tell any smoke is in the air. It is quiet, and there is no smell. I only run it on low.”

We’re happy to hear that the X-11Q is providing the results that Okel was looking for in an air cleaner. If you’re interested in an air cleaner for your home or business too, then contact us today to speak with an air purification expert.

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