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History Of Our Website

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AQE’s New Home Page as of April 2015!

As our more frequent visitors may have noticed we gave our website a MAJOR facelift this month. Some of the changes were cosmetic, others improved our SEO, and some of the changes added infrastructure allowing us to make continuous improvements moving forward.

How does this affect you- the customer? Aside from enhanced site navigation, probably not a whole lot right away. We anticipate an increase in web leads so our distributors may see some additional traffic coming from AQE. We will be adding a ‘Live-Chat’ function in the coming months to give distributors, end-users, and prospects better access to our greatest resource: The AQE Team. And we are also working on incorporating an online payment system to streamline our buying process. The website overhaul was not purely cosmetic; our goal is to provide additional web tools to improve functionality and our overall customer service.

For the remainder of this post we will try to avoid boring you with a self-assessment of our new website design. Suffice to say it is much better than our previous versions and we owe a big thank you to Mannix Marketing for guiding us through the process.

Instead, we are going to use the Internet Archive’s ‘Way Back Machine’ to take a semi-comical glimpse at AQE’s website progression over the years.

October, 1999: AQE Launches its First Website

Air Quality Engineering Website Snapshot 1- 1999

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/19991008014601/https://www.air-quality-eng.com/

  • What were you doing in the fall of 1999? Maybe you were worrying about Y2K and the end of the world, or maybe you were laughing at the people worrying about the end of the world. Either way, we can all agree it is wonderful that websites no longer look like they did in the 90’s.

June, 2000: AQE Enjoys Experimenting with New Technology

Air Quality Engineering Website Snapshot 2- June 2000

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20000614203838/http://air-quality-eng.com/

  • Phew! We made it through Y2K. While some of the nation remains apprehensive to use this new technology AQE has embraced the World Wide Web by adding grey unlabeled buttons on the left side of the page that have absolutely no function. If you click on them, nothing happens. Oh, how naive we were. Cut us some slack, we make awesome air cleaners, not websites!

May, 2002: AQE Dabbles in Pictures with Boxes around Them

Air Quality Engineering Website Snapshot 3- May 2002

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20020524004708/https://www.air-quality-eng.com/

  • With the nation’s largest tragedy in 55 years behind us we make the first radical change to AQE’s home on the web. With pictures, background color, and links that actually work we are just scratching the surface of web-based business.

November, 2002: “Mission Control- We have reached Cruising Altitude”

Air Quality Engineering Website Snapshot 4- Nov 2002

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20021124131105/http://air-quality-eng.com/

  • This is our website 13 years ago complete with drop-down menus and some much needed structure.  We went from pictures and boxes to a legitimate looking website in 6 months. After 3 major changes in as many years, we liked this new design so much that we continue to use it until late 2007.

October, 2007: AQE Tweaks Design – Prepares for Recession

Air Quality Engineering Website Snapshot 5- October 2007

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20071001092625/https://www.air-quality-eng.com/

  • Unaware of the economic turmoil ahead we make a few lasting changes to our site design. This is the Home Page you would have seen if visiting our website anytime in the last 8 years. We liked it (sort of), we were sad to see it go (kinda- not really), but we are happy to finally announce the new website.

We hope you enjoyed this quick peek into our digital past. If you have any questions or comments please contact us. Your feedback is appreciated!

Air Quality Engineering

Air Quality Engineering