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What Are Good Choices For Weld Fume Collection And Collection Of General Nuisance Dusts?

Many in the welding industry prefer the AQE2000 portable and AQE4000 free hanging pulse cleaned units, which are both known for their effective collection and long filter life.

The AQE2000 portable and AQE4000 free hanging pulse cleaned units are known in the industry for effective collection and long filter life.

The AQE2000 portable has 2 cartridges with 382 square feet of total filter media, which is more than most pulse cleaned portables. It also can deliver up to 1100 CFM with an 8-inch arm. It comes standard with our new 6 inch 13 foot arm, which can be upgraded to a double arm configuration. The on-demand pulse system allows the operator to pulse clean the filters when he wants. There is also an optional automatic pulse cleaning system available. The AQE2000 works great for weld smoke as well as nuisance dusts where a portable is a good choice.

The AQE4000 is a 4 cartridge continuous pulse air cleaning system that can either be used as an ambient air cleaner or configured with 1 or 2 arms for source capture applications. The 4 cartridges have 1100 square feet of media putting this again at the top of the class. With two-6 inch arms, it will easily handle welding applications or other source capture needs. The full time reverse pulse system uses very little air per pulse so generally no additional compressor requirements are needed. In addition, it has optional hopper and leg stand arrangements for floor mounting, as well as other safety features.

The 6 inch smooth wall arm is standard on the AQE2000 and optional on the AQE4000. It utilizes an advanced linkage designed external support structure, which allows complete freedom of movement while keeping its position steady. No droop is seen regardless of position. No continually adjusting the arm is needed. In addition, it’s very easy to position. Just place it and forget it. Our new arms are job-tested to be both easy to move and stable once positioned. While old designs tended to “spring-back”, our advanced linkage design allows the arm to retain its position even when fully outstretched. And it eliminates recoil when the arm is positioned closer to its mounting point. The smooth inside walls also help reduce friction, which allows better airflow.

Optional accessories for the arm are: hood mounted on/off switch, high intensity lighted hood, and damper.

The arm can be sold separately for other source capture applications with available wall mount kit for central systems.

Where most collectors of this type have either low airflow or very short filter life, the AQE2000 and AQE4000 air cleaners deliver excellent airflow and long filter life.

The AQE2000 is also available in a non-pulse cleaned version. The Porta-Air delivers the same great airflow and good filter life, but doesn’t require an air supply, which makes it even more portable.

When looking for cartridge collectors, with or without reverse pulse cleaning, be sure to check out these before you buy.