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Proven Way To Clean Soldering Fumes And Light Smoke From The Air

For years now, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has offered a small air cleaner for soldering and light smoke collection called the FumeFighter®.

FumeFighter Fume Extraction Air Cleaner

This collector is a stand-alone portable unit that with the option for either one or two optional collection arms, or can be hooked up to a 3″ inlet hose. Its HEPA quality filter captures 99.97% of smoke and fume particles down to .3 microns while the integral charcoal filter removes odors associated with some applications.

Unlike other air cleaners, this product uses a backward curved, variable speed, motorized impeller which has more stable airflow and is smoother running than other types of air movers. An optional silencer reduces exhaust noise for under bench installations.

The optional 3″ collection arms are made of stainless steel to protect against corrosion and are extremely flexible, but will hold their position when adjusted. They have an integral conical hood for fume capture which is made from steel, not plastic like some other manufacturers.

We also offer a bench mount hose kit, which allows the arm to be affixed to a bench or table. The 9-foot hose connection allows the unit to be positioned under a bench or away from the operator to further reduce noise.

FumeFighter bench mount kit

The unit is rated at 225 CFM for two arms. One arm will deliver approximately 175 CFM.

The filter is a large capacity HEPA with 82 square feet of media, which is larger than many competitive machines and the carbon after filter contains 15 pounds of activated charcoal for odor control. Other blends of carbon are available at extra charge. An outer pre-filter wrap helps keep the main filters cleaner longer.

FumeFighter filters

Smooth running casters allow the unit to be easily moved over most all surfaces.

For additional information on the FumeFighter® or any air cleaning products, contact Air Quality Engineering or your local distributor.