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Breathe Purer Air In Industrial Environments

Do you want to breathe pure air? Or give your employees cleaner air to breathe while working? Of course you do.

One of the unfortunate truths about today’s world is that the air we breathe is not pure. It contains many contaminants, pollutants and irritants. Most of the time we don’t notice they are there. It’s nice to breathe freely, but it can also offer a false sense of comfort in thinking that the air we breathe is completely safe.

The impact of contaminated air can be particularly hard-hitting to those who work in indoor industrial environments. Think machine shops, welding shops or any extruding and molding facility. The smoke, mist and irritants emitted by the equipment in these buildings are typically very unhealthy. For someone working directly with the machines, breathing in the air can be uncomfortable, unhealthy and unwise. And when confined to an indoor environment, the contaminants will build up so that there is no place in the facility for someone to find a pocket of pure air to breathe.

That’s why having the proper industrial air filtration equipment for your work environment is so important. With the wrong units, you may find that the air quality seems better, and it may well be. Yet, while being better than having no unit, the wrong unit leaves plenty of room for the air to still be very unhealthy. You may end up with a false belief that the air is now clean, when really you continue to breathe in pollutants and contaminants that can have long-term health impacts.

So what is the right unit? There’s no one size fits all when it comes to cleaning up the air in industrial settings. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, including:

  • Size of the room with the equipment (including ceiling height)
  • Where the room is located within the overall layout of the building
  • Location within the room of the equipment
  • Types of contaminants being emitted
  • How often the equipment is in use during a specific period (i.e., hours/day)

Luckily there are plenty solutions that can be implemented to clean up the air in these industrial environments, and Air Quality Engineering manufactures some of the best. From metal machining, metal cutting, and grinding facilities to welding outfits, soldering shops, and molding facilities we carry a long line of efficient, effective air purification systems. This includes portable, overhead and ambient units, as well as units with source capture arms.

And what about the places you would hope to find the purest air, medical environments? We have a HEPA air cleaner that is popular for hospital isolation rooms and for infection control applications.

Want to learn more about which air filtration products will make your work environment air more pure? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to let you know what we can do for you.