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AQE To Showcase Products At 2019 AHR Expo

AHR Expo 2019 BannerAir Quality Engineering, Inc. is a longstanding exhibitor at AHR. Featured products for the AHR Expo 2019 are our AUTOCLEAN® and F72 series air cleaners for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust applications.

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. offers the self-washing AUTOCLEAN® and the manual-wash F72 in-duct electrostatic air cleaners for commercial kitchen or restaurant exhausts. Both units are electronic air cleaners that utilize dual-stage electronic precipitators to remove airborne particles such as cooking smoke, grease, tobacco smoke, dust, soot, pollen, and bacteria from incoming, recirculating, or exhaust air with up to 99 percent efficiency.

The AUTOCLEAN® and the F72 employ a versatile, compact modular design that allows them to be mounted in-line in the return air duct of a forced air system, the exhaust of a ventilation system, or within a commercial kitchen exhaust grease duct. The modular components can be stacked in multiple configurations to meet the most challenging installation requirements. Whether mounted on a rooftop or within the interior, the result is maximum flexibility along with unlimited CFM capacity.

The AUTOCLEAN® employs a PLC to control the wash system, and is programmed with our new, easy to use ergonomic touchscreen interface. The touchscreen interface allows for weekly programming, thereby delivering the ultimate level of convenience in a maintenance-free operation.

In addition to kitchens and smoke-filled rooms, the AUTOCLEAN® is ideal for industrial applications such as collecting welding-related fumes and smoke. Activated carbon modules, blowers, outdoor enclosures and control packages are all available and customizable to meet the specifications necessary for each installation. All this comes together to provide clean air for your employees, guests and the environment.

Visit us at AHR 2019 in booth B4235. For more information, visit www.air-quality-eng.com or call 1-888-883-3273.

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