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Enhanced Air Filtration Solutions: Workplace Space Air Filtration

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Offices, waiting rooms, industrial workstations, schools

office space after COVID

Among other measures for enhanced air filtration, the CDC suggests use of portable HEPA air cleaners in the COVID-19 engineering controls for ventilation section of the pertinent guidelines for office buildings. An ASHRAE position document is also linked by the CDC, suggesting the same exposure control use of portable HEPA air cleaners as well. In addition, the scientific literature states “Portable HEPA filter systems have been shown to be another effective tool in reducing viral load”1. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. produces the hospital grade HEPA portable filtration units referenced by the CDC, other authoritative organizations and in the scientific literature. Our portable units use proven hospital grade HEPA filtration to remove potentially harmful microscopic particles. There are no ozone emissions such as those units associated with bipolar and needlepoint ionization. Let our true HEPA filtration units:

  • Improve the air quality in your office space.
  • Improve the patient waiting room experience.
  • Give the students in your school the clean air they deserve.
  • Give the workers in your plant spaces the clean air they deserve.

PM400 HEPA Air Cleaner for the Office or Home

MiracleAir home air cleaner - blue background

Intertek ETL Listed marking

Enhance indoor air quality with the PM400 – Provides TRUE hospital grade HEPA filtration. The PM400 maximizes the amount of air flowing through the large HEPA filter while maintaining an optimal air-to-cloth ratio for best filter life.

Durable and rugged, the PM400 is ideal for commercial and institutional environments and is even suitable in some industrial uses. The PM400 is so versatile it is often used in residential settings on lower speeds when real commercial grade true HEPA filtration is desired. Multiple units can be used for larger areas.

Meets California ozone emissions limit: CARB certified.

Contact us for more info on the PM400, including pricing and installation. Read the PM400 detailed spec sheet here.

MiracleAir® and Everclear Air Cleaners For Offices, Schools And Reception Areas

The CM-11 air cleaner with HEPA-like filtration is ideal for those important ancillary areas such as waiting rooms and examination rooms as well as office installations. The CM-11 drops conveniently into suspended ceilings. The unit is frequently used to provide enhanced air filtration for enhanced clean air assurance, or to compensate for situations where the central system is not as effective as desired.

CM-12- Provides HEPA-like filtration in auxiliary areas without suspended ceilings or those suspended ceilings with very limited above ceiling height clearance.

The CM-11 and CM-12 offer very high efficiency MERV16 (95%D.O.P.) filtration efficiency.

Contact us for more info on the MiracleAir® and Everclear Air Cleaners. Read the MiracleAir® and Everclear detailed spec sheet here.

X-J Units For Isolations Rooms

XJ-2 AIIR air cleaner

The X-J Negative Pressure HEPA unit quickly converts ordinary care rooms to emergency, negative- pressure, isolation rooms in urgent circumstances in healthcare and other facilities. An adapter hood is available for recirculation mode where appropriate for traditional HEPA filtration use and has been used in office and classroom settings.

Contact us for more info on the X-J, including pricing and installation. Read the X-J detailed spec sheet here.

M1600 Industrial Air Cleaner

M1600 industrial air cleaner

The new M1600 is designed to address the employee works station in the industrial workplace for air quality enhancement during the pandemic. Also suitable for office areas, the new M1600’s unique air flow pattern creates a clean air zone. The air overhead the workstation is filtered and re-directed to create a comfortable, gentle, clean airflow for employees. The clean airflow created by the new M1600 reduces cooling requirements by providing vertical airflow at the workstation. This eliminates the need for spot cooling with fans that move air horizontally across to other employees, thus limiting unnecessary exposures. Of course, the M1600 filters out the present industrial particulate contaminates as well.

Contact us for more info on the M1600, including pricing and installation. Read the M1600 detailed spec sheet here.

1 “COVID-19 Outbreak and Hospital Air Quality: A Systematic Review of Evidence on Air Filtration and Recirculation” Ehsan S. Mousavi,* Negin Kananizadeh, Richard A. Martinello, and Jodi D. Sherman. American Chemical Society, Environmental Science & Technology https://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acs.est.0c03247