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How Auxiliary Air Filtration Can Assist In Upgrading Your Office Air Quality

office space with air filtered

There are a numerous sources of indoor air pollutants. These include materials such as office furnishings and office carpets, as well as building materials such as paints, lacquers and plastics which may emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sources of VOCs may include cleaning supplies, waxes, pesticides, office furnishings, carpets, air fresheners, moth repellents and dry-cleaned clothing. On top of this, building HVAC systems are designed to…

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Manganese in Welding Fumes: The Adverse Health Effects & How to Reduce Them

proper positioning a welding hood

Welding is both a labor-intensive and dangerous profession, and the health and safety of welders is a top priority. Although exposure to extreme heat is a major concern, so is the manganese in welding fumes, which can cause serious health effects if proper control measures aren’t taken. Read more about manganese exposure in welding and how you can reduce the risks and help improve workplace safety. What Is Manganese, and How Does It Get in…

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HEPA Filters: What They Are & How They’re Certified In The US

HEPA filter

When researching air cleaners for your healthcare setting, office, school, or home, you’ve likely come across terms like “True HEPA” or “HEPA Like.” But what does HEPA mean? How do you know which air cleaner offers the best results? To help you select the right product for your situation, we’ve highlighted what HEPA filters are, how they’re certified, and what makes them a top choice for your air cleaner system. Understanding HEPA Filters & Their…

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How to Use Our AUTOCLEAN® Electrostatic Precipitator Model

AUTOCLEAN training video thumbnail

One of our most popular models in helping with kitchen exhaust is the “AUTOCLEAN® Electrostatic Precipitator”. It features a fully automated wash system, doing the hard work so you don’t have to. Watch the video below to see how it works and tips for best usage from an AQE expert, our U.S Business Development Manager for Kitchen Exhaust Products, Steven Sickle. Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video. You will need to mark the checkbox…

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How To Maintain Your Industrial Air Cleaner

clean vs dirty air filter

In many environments, industrial air cleaners are a must for businesses. These systems are highly useful in workplaces and settings that produce a lot of dust, oil mists, or other particulate matter. Having a good industrial air cleaning system means protecting your employees’ health, your workplace, and increasing overall productivity. And as you know, these systems are a long-term investment. And how can you make that investment last even longer, while working as efficiently and…

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Cost Effective Mist Collectors

MistBuster Media 500

Are all mist collection systems created equal? Some boost better filtration rates, but neglect to mention the noise pollution they cause. Others may have hidden maintenance fees, which add financial and time costs. Here at Air Quality Engineering, we believe in offering the best of the best for your business and your budget. That would be the MistBuster® collection of mist collectors. As you explore the MistBuster® line, you will find that they are: More…

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Interview With An Expert: VOCs and Their Impact

industrial air cleaner skidded unit

VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are an increasingly dangerous environmental concern, both for indoor and outdoor air quality. Air Quality Engineering dives into this issue and the solutions for businesses with Kyle Bjork, our engineering manager. A graduate from the University of Minnesota, Kyle is an expert in the air quality field, with experience at TSI Inc, DriSteem, and Dustless Technologies. He has been instrumental in product design, development, and manufacturing of many air quality…

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AQE To Showcase Products At 2022 AHR Expo

AHR Expo 2022 banner with booth number

For those of you that are involved in the HVAC-R industry in any way, you’re likely aware that the 2022 AHR Expo will be held in person in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition brings together thousands of exhibitors and industry professionals in one place. Find out more at https://ahrexpo.com/. Dates for this year’s show are January 31st – February 2nd. Air Quality Engineering, Inc….

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How To Choose Your Industrial Air Cleaner Unit

low profile plenum on MistBuster

Industrial air cleaner systems have been shown to be imperative in protecting employees by reducing exposure to hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles produced by the industrial machining application and reducing maintenance and operation costs. Choosing the correct system is vital to protecting your machining business and your employees. But how do you even start? What are the important things to consider before investing in a system? Is one model better for certain industries…

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Benefits Of Mist Collectors For CNC Machines

standard MistBuster plenum

By utilizing a mist collector on a CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) machine you help solve problems you might not even be able to see. These industrial air cleaners work to filter potentially dangerous particles out of the air that your equipment may emit. With these key benefits, quality air cleaners are must-haves for any organization utilizing a CNC machine. What Do Mist Collectors Collectors Even Do? Air cleaners are growing in popularity and vital…

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