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MistBuster Oil Selector Switch

Mistbuster 2000 coolant selector-knob

Our patented water/oil selector switch is one feature that makes our mist collector units stand out from the other electrostatic mist collection units on the market. Water soluble coolant has an increased conductivity when compared to oil-based coolant. The patented technology of the water/oil selector switch provides the unique ability to adjust the electrical properties of the MistBuster® to match the type of coolant used. Switching the MistBuster® between water and oil mode is simple….

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General Guidelines For Canopy Hood Sizing

welder using canopy hood for fumes

Hot Vs. Cold Process Canopy hood design requires different consideration for both hot and cold processes. Hot processes transfer significant heat to the air surrounding the process via conduction and convection mechanisms. In doing so, thermal drafts are present and can cause upward air currents with air velocities up to a few hundred feet per minute. The design of the canopy hood and exhaust rate must account for these thermal drafts during the sizing phase….

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AQE To Showcase Products At 2017 AHR Expo

AHR Expo 2017

For those of you that are involved in the HVAC-R industry in any way, you’re likely aware of the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition brings together more than 2,000 exhibitors and 60,000 industry professionals. Find out more at https://ahrexpo.com/. Dates for this year’s show are January 30th – February 1st. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has been attending AHR for a…

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AQE To Showcase Products At IMTS 2016

IMTS 2016

For those of you that are involved in manufacturing in any way, you’re likely aware of the impending 31st edition of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) set for September 12 – 17th, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. Hosted at McCormick Place, IMTS brings together more than 2,300 exhibitors spanning from machine tool manufacturers, additives machining, software developers, machining accessory providers, distributors and more. With more than 110K registrants IMTS is one of the largest industrial…

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News For Air Cleaner Resellers And Dealers

Hello AQE dealers and resellers. We’re proud to announce that AQE is now equipped with the necessary tools for one-on-one web presentations and training exercises for well-qualified dealers and resellers. We’ve recently setup a training room with the following amenities: Skype ready with 50″ monitor and widescreen camera for optimal visual aid Full presentation material on the following applications and product lines: Industrial Welding MistBuster Commercial Tobacco Commercial Kitchen Exhaust and AutoClean Troubleshooting Presentations/Training Exercises…

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How To Approach An Air Filtration Problem

An air purification expert is the customer’s best resource for selecting the appropriate air filtration equipment and answering this question. However, thinking about the following items regarding an air quality problem will assist the end-user with receiving the solution to that problem in the timeliest fashion. So how does an Air Quality Engineering, Inc. representative approach an air filtration problem? Our experts break it down into 3 simple steps: What is the contaminant? How do…

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Proven Way To Clean Soldering Fumes And Light Smoke From The Air

soldering fume air cleaner

For years now, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has offered a small air cleaner for soldering and light smoke collection called the FumeFighter®. This collector is a stand-alone portable unit that with the option for either one or two optional collection arms, or can be hooked up to a 3″ inlet hose. Its HEPA quality filter captures 99.97% of smoke and fume particles down to .3 microns while the integral charcoal filter removes odors associated with…

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The Passing Of Our Matriarch, Shirlee Hamlin

Recently, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. lost someone who was instrumental in bringing us to where we are today. Mrs. Shirlee Hamlin, our matriarch, passed away last week in her home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shirlee and her husband, Don, built Air Quality Engineering, Inc. from the ground up some 50 years ago, starting with a dream at the kitchen table; to a contact manufacturer; to the state-of-the-art manufacturing company we are today. Their legacy will…

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MistBuster Mounting Accessory Options

MistBuster Machine Mount Stand

Most MistBuster customers direct mount the mist collector on the CNC machine tool, which is the best way to capture fugitive mist. But there are some installations where it’s just not possible or practical. That’s where our line-up of mounting accessories comes in. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has engineered a variety of mounting accessories to complement the MistBuster product offering. This includes floor mount, machine mounts with legs, wall mount and ceiling mount options. Which…

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How To Wash Electrostatic Precipitator Cells

Most people think that it’s simple to wash electrostatic precipitator cells but there are some do’s and don’ts that will prolong the life of your cell and save money over the long run. The first tip is never use a power washer on your cell. A power washer can damage the plates or ionizer wires which will require repair or replacement. Most washers have 2000 PSI or more pressure which is just too much. It’s…

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