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For almost 4 decades, AQE has been a leader in electrostatic air cleaners

MistBuster electrostatic precipitatorSince 1973, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has been manufacturing some of the best electrostatic precipitators in the industry. From our initial partnership with Honeywell to today’s partnerships with hundreds of America’s top large and small businesses, we have strived to provide high-quality air filtration solutions to keep work environments cleaner and healthier.

Highly efficient air cleaners

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are known to be one of the most efficient types of air filtration units you can install. By focusing their energy on only the small particles that are suspended in the air, ESPs use less electricity than many other types of air cleaners you will come across. This allows them to clean the air better than most air cleaners while using less electricity. Learn more about how these electronic air cleaners work.

Wide selection of electrostatic precipitators

At AQE, we have a number of ESPs, some designed for specific types of work environments.

  • The MistBuster® line has a number of air cleaners perfect for the removal of coolant mist and oil smoke
  • The Porta Air line has some air cleaners for welding applications
  • AUTOCLEAN® has a few options for cleaning restaurant kitchen air
  • Smokemaster® offers a filtration system for tobacco smoke

We also carry other types of air filtration systems. So no matter what environment you are need an air cleaning solution for, we can help. Please contact Air Quality Engineering, Inc. with any questions you may have on electrostatic precipitators. Send us a note or give us a call at (888) 883-3273. Put the experience and knowledge that AQE has when it comes to air cleaners and filtration systems to work for you.

What is electrostatic precipitation and how does it work?

Two stage electrostatic precipitators are composed of two sections, a charging section and a collection section. The charging section uses ionizer wires to impart a positive charge to the incoming smoke, fume and dust particles. The charged particles are then drawn into a secondary electric field where they are collected on a series of metal plates. Then, the electrostatic precipitators re-circulate clean air into the general airstream.

Electronic Air Cleaners: Electrostatic Precipitators

Electronic air cleaners maintain a relatively high efficiency on particles in a range of .01 micron to 1 micron. Because of their inherently open cell design, electronic air cleaners create a low pressure drop that greatly minimizes fan horse power, and translates into energy savings as compared to other types of air cleaning systems. Lower fan horse power also means a quieter operation. The primary air filters are cleanable, an important factor in considering the on-going operational cost and disposal issues. The quality built electronic cells from Air Quality Engineering that are part of the air cleaner are designed to be dishwasher-safe. Superior craftsmanship is prevalent in the all ceramic insulators and rugged aluminum cell construction.

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