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COANDA EFFECT vs. Pass-thru Air Patterns for the Ceiling-Mounted COANDA Air Cleaners

The diagrams below show how Air Quality Engineering’s unique four-way (360 degree) air recirculation system works. Air movement experts refer to it as the “Coanda Aerodynamic Principle” which is the most efficient way to circulate air.

COANDA Air Cleaners - diagram

  • We take advantage of and work with the natural, upward movement of air vs. the old-fashioned, horizontal approach.
  • Our air cleaners are installed directly overhead in problem areas to isolate and capture smoke BEFORE it disperses.
  • It eliminates “Dead Spots”; hence it is more efficient in overall cleaning.
  • The more uniform, ceiling-to-floor air circulation saves on heating and cooling. There are NO HEAVY DRAFTS as with the “pass-thru” units.
  • In many applications, one of our COANDA air cleaners will do a better job than two “pass thru” units.

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