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Fume Extraction System for Soldering Fumes

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FumeFighter 500

Our FumeFighter® offers HEPA filtration, stopping 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or greater. This is the most protective filter available and is specified by OSHA for use with lead or cadmium. The FumeFighter® triple filtration fume extraction systems includes two stages of mechanical filtration followed by a third stage of activated charcoal (carbon) for control of gaseous contaminants. All three filtration stages are independent allowing for maximum use of air cleaners. In addition to providing the benefits of Triple Filtration, the FumeFighter® offers maximum filtration capacity for fume extraction. While other manufacturers offer only 15 to 20 square feet of filter area, fume extractor provides a generous 82 square feet of filter area; the maximum available in its class. This translates into maximum filter life and value. The FumeFighter® also comes with a full 15 pounds of carbon compared to 5 pounds for competitive units. This also translates into minimum maintenance and maximum cost effectiveness.


  • FumeFighter fume extraction air cleaner

    FumeFighter® Industrial Air Cleaner: Fume Extractor

    Small HEPA unit intended for source capture. Ideal for soldering applications.

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The FumeFighter® fume extraction system is designed for use with one or two arms, but if you desire a central air cleaner system for your multiple soldering stations, we also offer modular systems to handle larger requirements. These fume extraction systems also feature true HEPA air filtration and may be used with up to 20 soldering stations and are available with up to a 5 hp motor. Here is our parts list for the FumeFighter®.

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