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Pollution Control Units For Kitchen Emissions

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With a legacy spanning over 45 years in the air purification industry, AQE stands as a leader in the field, with reputation for delivering air quality solutions of unparalleled excellence. Our commitment to manufacturing top-tier equipment is evident in the quality, durability, and competitive pricing that define our pollution control units (PCUs).

At the heart of our pollution control units is cutting-edge electrostatic precipitator technology. This advanced technology not only ensures a remarkably low static pressure add but also boasts minimal power consumption, setting a new standard for efficiency in air purification. The inclusion of washable, reusable filters further underscores our dedication to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

AQE takes pride in our two standout models within our pollution control unit lineup: the Smokemaster® F72 and AUTOCLEAN® units. Engineered with precision and innovation, these units go beyond industry standards, offering a compact footprint without compromising on efficiency. The modular and stackable design of these units allows for seamless integration, with the capacity to handle airflow volumes of up to 40,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

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  • SMOKEMASTER F72B commercial kitchen exhaust unit

    Commercial Kitchen Air Filtration Systems: Smokemaster® F72 Electronic Air Cleaners

    In-duct non-self washing electrostatic air cleaner, suitable for commercial kitchen exhaust.

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  • AUTOCLEAN 2000 air cleaning unit

    F61 AUTOCLEAN® Series: Self-Washing Electrostatic Air Cleaner For Kitchen Exhaust and Smoke

    In-duct electrostatic unit with integrated water wash system. Most commonly used for commercial kitchen exhaust.

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Our pollution control unit air filtration systems offer:

  • Consistent airflow, no obstructed ducts with smoke backing up into the kitchen
  • No expensive, landfill-filling, throw-away, media filters
  • Manual and auto-wash unit options
  • Optional odor control modules are available
  • Rooftop or interior mounted
  • Lower water and detergent consumption than competitors (Auto-wash)
  • Only auto-wash system to have an oscillating and traversing wash arm with high-pressure nozzles to more effectively & efficiently wash the electrostatic filters
  • Local approvals include New York City (MEA 96-04-E) and Los Angeles (RR 8452)
  • ETL certified to UL867 and UL710

With Air Quality Engineering, you can purchase individual components or a turnkey solution, and most times you’ll see a short equipment lead-time (typically 2 to 6 weeks).

View options and performance features of all Smokemaster® and AUTOCLEAN® systems here.

The F61 AUTOCLEAN® features a dynamic wash system that uses a multi-jet wash manifold that both rotates and traverses the electronic collector cells to ensure complete coverage and maximum wash results. Many competitive pollution control units have a fixed wash system that sprays the collector cells with fixed spray nozzles that can’t get adequate coverage into the depths of the collector fins which results in incomplete cleanings, lower operating efficiency and more frequently required cleanings.

Included sequence controller is user-adjustable allowing control over the amount of detergent used, length of shut down, wash and rinse cycles. Complete kitchen exhaust packages for the PCUs are also available that include rooftop skid, outdoor insulated weather enclosure, lifting lugs and all necessary transitions. The F61 AUTOCLEAN® offers impressive restaurant kitchen exhaust performance with a comparably lower price than electrostatic air cleaners offered by the leading competitors.

AUTOCLEAN® air cleaners stacked in double pass

AUTOCLEAN® air cleaners stacked in double pass

F72B air cleaner with carbon filter

F72B air cleaner with carbon filter

The Smokemaster® F72 series in-line PCU offers commercial kitchen exhaust functionality with the same high efficiency performance as the F61 AUTOCLEAN® pollution control unit but without the self-wash feature. The Smokemaster® F72 unit is ideal for in-line restaurant exhaust systems that are lighter duty in nature and don’t require frequent cleaning. The Smokemaster® F72 is also offered with rooftop exhaust packages and customizable to meet any size or efficiency requirements. Also available with activated carbon modules for odor filtration.

Click here to view our Pollution Control Unit Brochure. Don’t forget, we also carry replacement parts for our PCU systems.

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