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MistBuster® Features

Highly efficient capture of harmful airborne contaminants

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures the MistBuster® family of industrial air cleaning systems for the source capture of mist and smoke generated by today’s machine tools.

The MistBuster® product line is highly efficient at collecting and removing dangerous airborne machining application contaminants using electrostatic precipitation and/or media filtration technologies. Options include: disposable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters; extended service filter (ESF) media filters; and carbon modules for enhanced filtration and odor control.

Product line features

  • Electrostatic precipitation air cleaning systems provide 97.8%–99.6% collection efficiency on all submicron particles. An optional HEPA media filter supplies up to 99.97% collection efficiency.
  • Media-based air cleaning systems provide 95% minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) 14 and 15 filter ratings.
  • Electrostatic precipitation systems offer various combinations of the long-life Advantage™ and high-efficiency electronic collector cells.
  • Electrostatic precipitation air cleaning systems allow you to easily switch between water-soluble or oil-based machine tool coolants.
  • Our air cleaning systems have variable and controllable airflows ranging from 500 to 1,650 CFM and require minimal maintenance in wet environments.

Machining applications

  • Metal machining
  • Grinding/polishing
  • EDM mist collectors

Extended electronic collector cell life

MistBuster features - open backThe Air Quality Engineering, Inc. Advantage™ electronic collector cell greatly reduces the tendencies of high-efficiency electronic collector cells to short circuit. The patented cell design features grounded collection fins that extend further than positively charged repellent fins. The difference in fin lengths prevents positively charged droplets from bridging the conductive space between grounded and positively charged fins. This subtle change reduces the need to wash cells due to short circuiting and extends the life of electronic collector cells.

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. patented its unique collector fin design in 2002, patent #6428611. Watch a video on the electronic cell technology.

Unique geometry of motorized impeller reduces energy losses

MistBuster 500 impellerThe unique geometry of the motorized impeller improves aerodynamic efficiency, lowers energy losses and reduces noise. Because of its improved efficiency and performance, the impeller complies with the European Union’s stringent Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive to reduce CO2 emissions by developing more efficient products. The impeller is CE compliant and carries both the ErP and CE marks.

Read this article for more information on the impeller.

Simply switch between water-soluble and oil-based coolants

MistBuster 850 compact selector switchThe easy-to-use and patented water/oil selector switch from Air Quality Engineering, Inc. adjusts the electrical properties of a MistBuster® system to match the type of coolant being used in a machine tool. The switch technology also helps to minimize the nuisance arcing that may occur when using water-based coolants. Air Quality Engineering, Inc. patented its variable voltage coolant selector in 2010, patent #7717984. To learn more about the technology of our water/oil selector switch, read this article.

Easy access to side-panel electrical compartment

MistBuster 500 quarter turn latchThe Air Quality Engineering, Inc. MistBuster® product line features quarter-turn fasteners that cannot be overly tightened. The quick-release fasteners facilitate fast and easy removal of the side-panel door and quick access to the electrical compartment, and reduce service and repair time.

Door and gasket profile increases door-to-seal contact

MistBuster 850 front door gasketsThe MistBuster® product line designed and manufactured by Air Quality Engineering, Inc. features a door and interior gasket profile that increases the door-to-seal contact. The industrial seal prevents coolant from leaking or pooling inside the door. Door-latch spacers prevent over-compression of the gasket and extend gasket life.

Variable-speed controller saves you energy and money

The variable-speed controller used with the MistBuster® product line helps you control the airflow rate needed to maintain the right amount of negative pressure to keep contaminants contained. If the rate is too low, contaminants can migrate outside of your machine tool into the shop. If the rate is too high,
contaminants that would have otherwise collected or drained back into the machine tool are drawn into the air cleaner. In addition to precisely controlling the airflow rate, the variable speed controller saves energy and reduces noise.

Increase your mounting and ducting options

MistBuster 500 Media on pedestal standMachine shops and facilities vary in size and the space available for installing air filtration systems. To make the most efficient use of the area available in your facility or plant, Air Quality Engineering, Inc. offers a variety of mounting and ducting accessories that complement the MistBuster® product line. Our lineup of MistBuster® mounting options includes:

  • Direct — unit is mounted directly on top of a machine tool, no additional ducting or accessories required
  • Pedestal stand — unit is mounted on a floor stand and ducted to a machine tool
  • Machine mount stand — unit is mounted on a machine tool with the stand, which allows for ducting to other sections of the machine tool enclosure
  • Ceiling or wall

Safely and effectively wash electronic collector cells

MistBuster total cell cleaner with tank and cellsThe MistBuster® Total Cell Cleaner is a specially designed and highly effective detergent for cleaning electrostatic precipitator collector cells. The Air Quality Engineering, Inc. cleaner works on all
types of machine tool coolant fluids, including petroleum-based cutting oils, water-soluble coolants and synthetics. For best results on tough-to-clean fluids, mix the liquid concentrate with warm water and wash the electronic cell in an appropriately sized container available from Air Quality Engineering, Inc.

  • Safely cleans aluminum electronic collector cells
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe — no glycol ethers, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Available in a gallon, 4-gallon cases and 5-gallon pails

Watch this video to learn more about MistBuster® features and benefits:

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For more information on how to wash electrostatic precipitator cells, check out this informational guide.

MistBuster 500 machine mount plenum-kit