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Our Industrial Air Purifiers In The Tsugami Precision Machining Tools Workplace

Air Quality Engineering’s line of industrial air purifiers includes the MistBuster® line – a series of mist collectors that are ideal for collection of coolant mist and smoke generated by today’s CNC machining centers.

These mist collectors are air purifiers designed specifically to reduce airborne concentrations and improve air quality in an industrial environment. Each system allows the user to control the airflow, to ensure that it is working most efficiently. And because each is compact, there are multiple installation options available to seamlessly fit in your work environment.

About Tsugami

Tsugami was founded in 1937 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and manufactures CNC Swiss-style automatics, turning machines and machining centers.

Tsugami is known worldwide for their superior design and construction. They have worked tirelessly to develop machines with excellent accuracy, speed and rigidity to meet the needs of metalworkers in the United States.

For more information on Tsugami’s product line, visit their website at https://www.tsugami.co.jp/.

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Pictured below is a MistBuster® on a Tsugami CNC Machining Center.