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Tornos Machine Tools - Manufacturer of Automatic Lathes

Mist collectors from Air Quality Engineering are ideal for collection of coolant mist and smoke generated by today’s CNC machining centers. They are designed specifically for the filtration of coolants, oil mist and smoke from today’s modern machine tools.

Pictured below are MistBuster® mist collectors on Tornos CNC Automatic Lathes. The MistBuster® series of air cleaners reduce airborne concentrations and feature variable speed controllers for precise control over airflow and subsequent negative pressure over the machine tool enclosure. They are designed to be compact and highly efficient and feature a wide variety of installation options for maximum flexibility.

About Tornos Technologies

Tornos Technologies U.S. Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Tornos SA, Moutier Switzerland.

Established in 1880, Tornos developed the first Swiss type sliding headstock lathe. Since that time, they have built their business on a solid reputation of service and quality, resolving machine problems on single and multi-spindle automatic lathes, for short and long production runs.

They have delivered over 100,000 automatic lathes worldwide and their research and development engineers are constantly developing new innovations. Their most recent contribution to the machine tool industry is their line of DECO 2000 single spindle turning centers and multi-spindles. These revolutionary machines have successfully combined the speed benefits of cam-driven automatics with the flexibility and precision of CNC machines.

For more information on Tornos, and to see their full product line, visit their website at www.tornos.com/en.

For more information on the specific products in our MistBuster® line, see:

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