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Star CNC Machine Tool Equipment With AQE Air Cleaners Attached

The mist collectors from Air Quality Engineering pictured below on Star Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes are designed specifically for the filtration of coolants, oil mist and smoke from today’s modern machine tools.

The MistBuster® series of air cleaners is designed to be compact and highly efficient and feature a wide variety of installation options for maximum flexibility.

They reduce airborne concentrations and feature variable speed controllers for precise control over airflow and subsequent negative pressure over the machine tool enclosure, making them ideal for the collection of coolant mist and smoke generated by today’s CNC machining centers.

About Star CNC Machine Tool Corporation

Star CNC Machine Tool Corporation was founded in 1997, though its roots date back much farther. A division of Star Micronics Co., Ltd. of Japan, Star CNC combines the resources of two industry leaders – the Hirschmann Corporation and Star Micronics. This new venture combines the expertise and engineering know-how of Hirschmann with the superior machine tools Star is known for — including state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology.

Star provides a full lineup of Swiss Type CNC Automatic lathes designed to meet a full range of machining needs.

For more information on their product line, visit their Star Micronics website via this link.

Star CNC Automatic Lathes with Installed Mist Collectors from Air Quality Engineering

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