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Mikron High Speed Milling Machines and Machining Centers

The mist collectors from Air Quality Engineering are ideal for collection of coolant mist and smoke generated by today’s CNC machining centers. They are designed to be to be mounted or ducted directly to machining centers and reduce airborne concentrations.

The MistBuster® series of mist collectors feature variable speed controllers for precise control over airflow and subsequent negative pressure over the machine tool enclosure. They are designed to be compact and highly efficient and feature a wide variety of installation options for maximum flexibility.

About Mikron

Mikron is a Switzerland based company, founded in 1908, and offering a wide range of machine tools, with a focus on high-speed milling machines and machining centers. Their production centers in Nidau in Switzerland are backed up by a nationwide network of sales centers and service centers throughout the world.

Part of the Agie Charmilles Group, Mikron concentrates on the development, manufacture and sales support of high-performance machining centers and high-speed milling machines. They offer a comprehensive range of CNC machine tools that combine cost-favorable technology with superior quality and powerful controls.

For more information on Mikron, visit their website at www.mikron.com.

Pictured below are Mikron Machining Centers with installed MistBuster® from Air Quality Engineering.

Mikron Machine Tools with Mist Collectors From Air Quality Engineering’s MistBuster® Series