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MistBuster® Units In Use At A Kitamura Machining Center

Our oil mist collectors are designed to be to be mounted or ducted directly to machine tools. Other features and benefits include: high efficiency, variable speed controllers for precise control over airflow and subsequent negative pressure over the machine tool enclosure and compact size, all coming together to offer maximum flexibility when installing.

About Kitamura

Family owned and operated since its inception, Kitamura has over 65 years of experience in Machining Center technology to better help serve our customer’s machining requirements, no matter how complex.

As a manufacturer of a specific line of machinery, Kitamura has installed more Machining Centers of the same model name than anyone else has since 1981.

Kitamura has installed more than 13,000 machining centers worldwide.

For more information on their product line and to see a list of their distributors, visit www.kitamura-machinery.com.

Information on the air cleaners used at Kitamura Machining Center – They chose the MistBuster® 500 (pictured below) for the collection of the coolant mist and smoke generated by their machining centers.

For more information on our mist collection systems, see:

Kitamura machining center with Mist Collectors From The MistBuster® Series