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MistBuster® 500 Commercial Air Purifiers: See These Air Cleaners On A Fadal VMC Machining Center

The MistBuster® 500 machine mounted mist collector pictured below on a Fadal VMC 3016 is an ideal commercial air purifier for the collection of coolant mist and smoke generated by today’s CNC machining centers. The MistBuster® 500 in the photo was installed right to the top of the Fadal VMC.

The MistBuster® series is a highly effective and efficient (as well as quiet) piece of air cleaning technology that has helped to make countless work environments safer and healthier. And with a number of installation options to choose from, it’s easy to find a home for one in your workplace. Read more to find out how others are using our commercial air cleaners, as well as to learn more about the types of machines that are available today.

About Fadal Machining Centers

Fadal Machining Centers specializes in building Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and rotary products, focusing on delivering the highest level of value possible to our material cutting customers. If cutting material is part of your job you know what qualities provide value, and we trust you find all those qualities in the VMC machinery we engineer and manufacture.

Over 30,000 Fadal VMCs have been installed worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, marine, agricultural, medical and other industries precisely cutting metal, plastics and wood parts.

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