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Media Mist Collectors for Industrial Environments

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Media Mist Collectors like the M33O and M66O are designed to be floor or ceiling mounted and ducted to multiple machine tools. These systems utilize disposable media filters to capture the mist and smoke generated and can be custom configured with multiple stages of filtration to meet your air cleaner needs and maximize filter life. A variety of blower options are also available including belt driven forward curved blowers to direct drive backward inclined wheels.


  • M66 R&L media air filtration system

    M66 R&L Media Air Cleaner Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media filtration system. Highly configurable for the widest range of application uses.

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  • M73 media filtration unit

    M73 Media Filtration Unit

    Largest, overhead industrial media filtration system. This is the largest media system we offer.

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  • M4660 Mist Smoke Collector

    MX66O Series of Central Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media mist collector. These systems are scalable and ideal for centralized mist collection.

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  • M33O mist collector

    M33O Mist Collectors

    Vertical media mist collection unit. Intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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  • M66V media air filtration system with source capture arm

    M66V Media Air Filtration Systems

    Large portable industrial source capture system. Largest of the media, portable units we have to offer.

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  • M66O mist collector

    M66O Mist Collectors

    Specific configuration of M66 intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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These systems can also be configured for “long life” maintenance-free operation, intended for applications having a minimal amount of downtime (generally sized for 2000 hours of continuous service).

Whatever your needs, Air Quality Engineering can customize an air cleaner to fit your expectations and requirements. Complete list of parts for our media mist collectors.

  • The M73 is an overhead media unit that can be used as a general background (ambient) filter system or ducted and has a 5000 cfm capacity. View PDF
  • The M66 is an overhead media unit. It can be used as a general background (ambient) air filtration system or ducted and has a 3000 cfm capacity. View PDF
  • The M33O is a 1,000 cfm capacity media mist collector and the M66O has a 2,000 cfm capacity. View PDF

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