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Mist Collectors & Mist Eliminators For Metal Machining

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Air Quality Engineering is on the leading edge of coolant/metal machining mist filtration technology. We’re the industry leaders, and our units don’t just promise efficiency and versatility – they deliver it across a spectrum of applications. Whether coolant, oil mist, or smoke, our units have you covered. Our experienced and professional engineering and sales teams are here for you. Call 1-888-883-3273, and you’ll have the expertise and support you need to make the best air filtration decision for your company. We’re not just about mist collection – we’re about making your work environment healthier, cleaner, and more efficient.


Millions of workers engaged in the manufacture of automobiles, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery and other hardware are exposed to machining fluids. Occupational exposure to these fluids has resulted in various cancers, respiratory diseases, and skin problems. In order to improve worker protection, OSHA in designating the metalworking/machining fluid exposure as a priority for comprehensive rule making.
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Advances in modern CNC machines have increased productivity and increased the need for better lubrication in order to keep up with the faster spindle speeds and demands of today’s machine tools. These advances have also led to an increase in metalworking fluids being generated and emitted into the air. These airborne metalworking fluids can pose a serious health threat to the employees in the metal working industry and is a priority focus of OSHA. Read additional articles on metalworking fluids and mist collectors.


Mist Collectors – Oil Mist Eliminators

Air Quality Engineering manufactures the most comprehensive line of oil, mist and smoke collection equipment available. As an example, the MistBuster® 500 is our mist collector designed specifically for the filtration of coolants, oil mist and smoke from today’s modern machine tools. It is a compact, high efficiency machining oil and mist eliminator designed to be mounted or ducted directly to machine tools. Compact and lightweight at only 71 actual pounds, this unit delivers 500 cfm of high efficiency air filtration and fits the vast majority of CNC machine tool applications.

Mist Filtration System Technologies

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