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Industrial Dust Collectors For Metal Cutting & Sawing

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Cutoff saw with ducted dust collector in industrial setting

Photo of AQE4000 Ducted
to a Metal Cutoff Saw

Metal cutting by sawing is most frequently handled with mechanical air filtration systems. These air purification units utilize disposable media filters and mist impingers to remove the fine metal chips, dust and coolant that would otherwise become airborne. AQE offers a wide range of media air filtration units that can be configured with a wide selection of filters to accommodate your specific application and provide maximum filter life. Our dust collectors can be floor mounted, ceiling mounted or portable for use with multiple stations. Motor and blower packages are upgradeable to meet your individual demands. Consult with an air quality professional for assistance in selecting the dust collector model and configuration that best meets your needs.


  • AQE2000 portable media air cleaner

    AQE2000 Media Air Cleaner for Welding Fume Extraction & Other Industrial Applications

    Portable cartridge unit with a compressed air cleaning system.

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  • AQE4000 overhead cartridge system

    AQE4000 Jet Dust Collector

    Overhead cartridge system compressed air cleaning system, suitable for large quantities of dry dust.

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Dust Collectors for metal cutting by plasma or laser:

AQE 4000 unit with ducted collector

Photo of AQE4000
on Mazak Laser Cutter

Plasma and laser cutting tables can be particularly difficult industrial applications. Plasma and laser cutting applications generate enormous amounts of contaminant, and the contaminant generated is frequently submicron in size. Due to the high amounts of fine dust generated by this process, reverse pulse dust collectors are recommended for this application. Electrostatic precipitators or disposable media filter systems will result in impractically high maintenance or frequent filter replacements unless used only to supplement another dust collector system. An air filtration system like our model AQE4000 dust collector is the only recommended solution for this application and must still be carefully sized to ensure proper function and cost-effectiveness. We also carry replacement parts for the AQE2000 and AQE4000.

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