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The Best Air Cleaners for Grinding / Polishing

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Grinding, polishing and other shop type applications require air filtration systems that will be able to sustain its airflow against a significant rise in static pressure. This is because collected grinding dust and buffing rouge can plug up inappropriately sized air filters or improperly sized and configured motor/blower combinations resulting in expensive and frequent filter replacements. Air cleaners and dust collectors by AQE minimize filter replacement costs by specifying appropriate filtration and airflow for your specific grinding and polishing application.


  • AQE2000 portable media air cleaner

    AQE2000 Media Air Cleaner for Welding Fume Extraction & Other Industrial Applications

    Portable cartridge unit with a compressed air cleaning system.

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  • AQE4000 overhead cartridge system

    AQE4000 Jet Dust Collector

    Overhead cartridge system compressed air cleaning system, suitable for large quantities of dry dust.

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  • M4660 Mist Smoke Collector

    MX66O Series of Central Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media mist collector. These systems are scalable and ideal for centralized mist collection.

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  • M33O mist collector

    M33O Mist Collectors

    Vertical media mist collection unit. Intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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  • M66O mist collector

    M66O Mist Collectors

    Specific configuration of M66 intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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AQE’s modular, mechanical products are the best air cleaners for grinding and polishing applications. They are available in sizes as small as our model M33 portable air filtration system with an airflow range from 500 cfm to 1300 cfm up to our M466O centralized system capable of handing over 8000 cfm. Long life filter configurations are available, designed to be maintenance free for 2000+ operating hours.

AQE offers our MistBuster® technology for wet grinding applications where the predominant problem is coolant mist – this is the best air cleaner for use with enclosed CNC grinders like the ANCA grinder. The MistBuster® series of mist eliminators all feature variable speed motors and are designed for high efficiency and minimal maintenance in a wet environment.

AQE offers reverse pulsing, cartridge style dust collectors. These air cleaners offer the maximum filter life by utilizing a compressed air, self-cleaning system. Custom cartridge and blower packages available, tailored to your specific shop or industrial setting needs. This is state of the art and ideal for high contaminant loading, dry applications.

Need parts for your air cleaner? We carry those as well. Here is a list of replacement parts for your grinding and polishing application air cleaners.

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