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Extruding and Molding Air Filtration Units

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M266O media based air cleaner

The process of extruding itself creates a good deal of smoke that should be filtered with an air filtration system. Extruding and molding can be done with a variety of materials including plastics, rubber and various metals. In addition to the smoke created, a good deal of gases are also generated, particularly when working with plastics or rubber. These gases, commonly referred to as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be moderately harmful and should be taken into consideration. It is important to understand that gases (VOCs) are not filtered by the same mechanisms as particles (smoke) and require different filters. While particles (smoke in this instance) can be filtered by multiple processes such as electrostatic precipitation, HEPA filters, cartridges and a variety of other media based filtration methods, the gases can really only be either exhausted to the outside, or filtered by activated carbon.


  • AQE4000 overhead cartridge system

    AQE4000 Jet Dust Collector

    Overhead cartridge system compressed air cleaning system, suitable for large quantities of dry dust.

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  • M4660 Mist Smoke Collector

    MX66O Series of Central Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media mist collector. These systems are scalable and ideal for centralized mist collection.

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  • M66V media air filtration system with source capture arm

    M66V Media Air Filtration Systems

    Large portable industrial source capture system. Largest of the media, portable units we have to offer.

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  • M66 R&L media air filtration system

    M66 R&L Media Air Cleaner Filtration Systems

    Large industrial media filtration system. Highly configurable for the widest range of application uses.

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  • M73 media filtration unit

    M73 Media Filtration Unit

    Largest, overhead industrial media filtration system. This is the largest media system we offer.

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Portable Air Cleaners for Purging

M66V media air filtration system

M66V portable air cleaner with optional HEPA module

A common air pollution problem associated with molding comes from the purging of the molds for injection molding. When changing materials or colors, the molds are heated to burn off any remaining materials so as not to contaminate the new parts with old material. Portable air cleaners are frequently used during this purge cycle as not all of the molds would typically be purged at once. Air Quality Engineering manufactures a wide line of portable air filtering systems for use with this specific problem. Portable systems can also be configured with activated carbon filters in addition to a wide variety of particulate filters to address both the smoke and vapor problem. Find parts for your portable and media air cleaners for extruding and molding right here.

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