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Electrostatic Mist Collectors For Smoke And Oil Mist

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EDM unit with mist extractor connected

Mist Collectors For EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) produces a light smoke and oil mist, and when in steady operation should utilize some level of air filtration or mist extraction. The smoke and mist generated from the EDM process is generally best handled by electrostatic precipitators. Air filtration systems such as the MistBuster® series of mist collectors are ideal due to their compact design, high efficiency – permanent filter systems that require very little maintenance. These compact electronic air cleaners feature variable speed airflow, low maintenance and high efficiency in a compact package that is both cost effective to purchase and due to its lack of replacement filters – cost effective to operate. Alternatively, larger central air filtration systems are available for multiple stations or for use with mixed machining operations. Consult with an air cleaning professional for assistance in sizing and selecting an appropriate commercial air cleaner for your manufacturing needs.


  • M33O mist collector

    M33O Mist Collectors

    Vertical media mist collection unit. Intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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  • MistBuster 500 - blue background

    MistBuster® 500 - Mist Collector & Eliminator

    Smallest mist collector in the MistBuster® family.

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  • M66O mist collector

    M66O Mist Collectors

    Specific configuration of M66 intended for collection of mist and smoke from wet machining applications.

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What is EDM?

EDM stands for Electrical Discharge Machining. It is a metalworking process where metal is removed through a series of rapid electrical discharges between an electrode and a workpiece under a dielectric fluid. The electrode can be fixed as in a sinker EDM or a wire continuously fed from one spool to another (wire EDM).

Why do I need an air filtration system or mist extractor?

EDM is a relatively clean process, but still generates a steady stream of mist and smoke due to their frequently long cycles. A portion of the dielectric fluid used to prevent premature arcing and to flush away the metal particles become airborne during the process. This should be filtered and extracted from the air for the safety of the employees, and to prevent soiling of the machine, parts and facility. A mist collector can also save cost by recycling the collected dielectric fluid. If you already own one of our EDM mist collectors, check here for a list of parts and part numbers.

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