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AUTOCLEAN® (F61) and Smokemaster® F72 Features

Outdoor Rooftop Turnkey Unit Fully Assembled and Enclosed.

Outdoor Rooftop Turnkey Unit Fully Assembled and Enclosed

Let’s Keep it Clean!

For the ultimate convenience and efficiency, we provide our topline precipitator system AUTOCLEAN® with a fully automated wash system; it works hard so you don’t have to.

AUTOCLEAN® Rotating and Traversing Wash Nozzles.

AUTOCLEAN® Rotating and Traversing Wash Nozzles

The workhorse behind the brilliant sparkle delivered by AUTOCLEAN® is our mechanical wash mechanism. Simple in design but remarkably effective, our wash arms are designed to both rotate and traverse the entire cell cavity, allowing the detergent and rinse water to be delivered by high velocity nozzles. Our laser-focused nozzles spray away even the most stubborn grease and contaminant.

Our competitors utilize fixed nozzles that need to employ a wide cone-type spray pattern in order to cover the large cell bay area. As you know from using a garden sprayer, the wider the spray, the less the impact. Wide conic spray patterns are a great choice for protecting delicate flowers while watering the garden, but are not so effective when you need to hose down built up kitchen grease! AUTOCLEAN® is the clear choice.

One Impressive Package!

Our AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster® F72 can be delivered as full factory-assembled turn-key units. They are custom configurable to include any or all of the following components; manual and/or auto-wash precipitator(s), odor control module(s), blowers, motors, VFDs, controls, skids and enclosures. The precipitator(s) and odor control module(s) are stackable and available in single or multi-pass configurations to achieve the desired efficiency and/or maintenance interval of almost any project. The units are:

  • Single point wired, the only field wiring required is the three-phase supply to our NEMA enclosure along with field supplied accessories
  • Fully factory assembled for ease of install and quality assurance
  • Provided with 6″ steel skids and available with weatherproof outdoor enclosures for durability and structural integrity
  • Provided with lifting lugs for ease and safety in rigging
  • Painted AFTER the units are skidded and welded to ensure long-lasting corrosion resistance and durability
  • Factory tested as a full system to ensure performance, fitness and quality


Green for a Better Tomorrow

Our kitchen exhaust air cleaning systems are a greener solution for the end user. Yes, we clean the exhaust from kitchens and remove up to 99% of cooking contaminant, which is great for the environment and cuts down on air pollution, but did you know that our units provide other green benefits?

Consider the Following:

  • Beyond air cleaning, our system is eco-friendly because the pre- and postfilters and the electronic cells in the AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster® F72 are all washable and reusable; our advanced technology prevents tons of soiled media filters from going into landfills.
  • By design, precipitators use very little power and add much less static pressure to the exhaust system when compared to media-based systems; this allows for a blower motor with lower horsepower and results in a more energy efficient overall system.
  • Because we eliminate those expensive media-based filters, your wallet will be much greener as well!

Small Footprint, HUGE Performance

Skidded AUTOCLEAN® 4000 with Odor Control Module for Indoor Installations

Skidded AUTOCLEAN® 4000 with Odor Control Module for Indoor Installations

Our design engineers know that space for mechanical systems is often very limited or restricted. It was with that in mind that they created the AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster® F72 series of precipitators.

Our design ensures that these units deliver the utmost in efficiency and durability with the smallest footprint possible. Made from high-grade, long-lasting materials using quality controlled manufacturing processes, our kitchen exhaust air cleaners are built with a pride of workmanship that is rare in today’s world.

The key to our compact design is our industrial electronic cell. This marvel of technology is small but powerful, delivering high efficiency at large volume cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a very compact cell size – performance that sets us apart from the competition.

Odor Control Modules

Odor Control Module for SMOKEMASTER and AUTOCLEAN 2000 Shown with Door Open

Odor Control Module for Smokemaster® and AUTOCLEAN® 2000 (Shown with Door Open)

The Air Quality Engineering, Inc. odor control module is a side access housing that contains bulk refillable trays of sorbent media for odor control. The “V” configuration of the trays allows for more sorbent media mass, higher efficiency, longer service life and lower static pressure add. The modules are available in standard 2000, 4000 and 8000 CFM sizes and are stackable to meet the needs of higher CFM projects.

  • 100% virgin coconut shell carbon used for efficient and effective odor removal (potassium permanganate blends are available)
  • MERV 14 (95% DOP) heavy-duty safety prefilters come standard
  • Manufactured from 16 gauge cold rolled steel with an electrostatically-charged, multi-layered powder coat enamel finish
  • Panels are bulk refillable
  • Module is reversible for access on either side

Controls Packages

We will provide the necessary controls and factory-wire them for your convenience. This includes a magnetic contactor, thermal protection, main disconnect and all internally required control transformers housed in a NEMA enclosure. The controls will be prewired to interlock the fan motor to the precipitator and will include an HMI remote PLC controller. If desired, VFDs and soft starters are available. The controls package eliminates all necessary field wiring except for the supply (three-phase power) and any field supplied accessories. The controls are:

  • Custom configurable
  • Available in 208v, 230v or 460/480v
  • Supplied with a remote mounted touch-screen HMI controller
  • Supplied with inputs for: low detergent sensor, heat activated hood controls, BMS initiated wash and fire suppression systems

Fans and Motors

Typical Utility Set Blower

Typical Utility Set Blower

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. (AQE) offers optional fans and motors to go with your custom kitchen exhaust air cleaning system. The fan and motor will be factory selected to work in perfect harmony with your exhaust hoods and the AQE filtration system. Our fans and motors are:

  • UL762 listed (restaurant models)
  • Available in utility set or in-line mixed flow units
  • VFD rated
  • Steel housed with all-welded construction
  • Available with controls packages

Skid Mounting and Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosures

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. can provide the AUTOCLEAN®, Smokemaster® F72 and Odor Control Module product lines pre-assembled, mounted and welded on 6″ steel skids with lifting lugs. This skidded system can be adapted for outdoor placement with our custom made, weatherproof enclosure. The skids and enclosures feature:

  • Customized design for each unique project
  • Steel construction for superior rigidity and long life
  • Sturdy access doors with premium gasketing

The skids allow for precise factory assembly of the chosen individual purification components, ease in rigging and safety in transportation to the jobsite.

The weatherproof outdoor enclosure keeps the electrical and system components dry and protected from the outdoor elements.

Detergent and Detergent Tanks

20-Gallon Detergent Tank with Lid

20-Gallon Detergent Tank with Lid

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. provides a detergent proven to be effective in kitchen exhaust applications. Cell cleaning detergent is precisely concentrated to ensure an ideal mixture when automatically diluted by the AUTOCLEAN® wash system. A detergent tank is available, featuring:

  • Space-saving design allowing for flexible placement including inside the weatherproof outdoor enclosure
  • Includes low detergent sensor
  • Sturdy UV stabilized polyethylene construction


    • Capacity that will hold enough detergent to perform up to 400 AUTOCLEAN® wash cycles
    • 35″ x 11.5″ x 11.5″ overall dimensions
    • 9 pounds when empty and approximately 190 pounds when full of AUTOCLEAN® cell detergent


    • Capacity that will hold enough detergent to perform up to 300 AUTOCLEAN® wash cycles
    • 26 7/8″ x 11.5″ x 11.5″ overall dimensions
    • 8 pounds when empty and approximately 144 pounds when full of AUTOCLEAN® cell detergent

Multi-Pass, Stacked and Side-by-Side Configurations

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. can provide the AUTOCLEAN®, Smokemaster® F72 and Odor Control Module product lines in a variety of configurations. The units can be stacked and/or placed side by side for additional CFM capacity. Multi-pass is an option if you desire additional efficiency and/or redundancy in the precipitator or odor control sections. Our engineers and trained experts can review your project and make recommendations based on:

  • CFM through the exhaust hood
  • Unique dimensional requirements
  • Budget
  • Desired efficiency and maintenance interval

Designs, drawings and specifications for custom systems are available.