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Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Systems

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Air Quality Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures the AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster® F72 family of commercial kitchen exhaust air cleaning systems for the in-duct capture of smoke, grease and odor generated by restaurant and cafeteria cooking equipment. Our systems are located downstream from the kitchen exhaust hoods and clean the air before it is released into the outdoor atmosphere. Our equipment is typically installed in the ceiling or mounted on the rooftop, but our compact size allows for location flexibility.

Kitchen Exhaust Design Toolbox


  • SMOKEMASTER F72B commercial kitchen exhaust unit

    Commercial Kitchen Air Filtration Systems: Smokemaster® F72 Electronic Air Cleaners

    In-duct non-self washing electrostatic air cleaner, suitable for commercial kitchen exhaust.

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  • AUTOCLEAN 2000 air cleaning unit

    F61 AUTOCLEAN® Series: Self-Washing Electrostatic Air Cleaner For Kitchen Exhaust and Smoke

    In-duct electrostatic unit with integrated water wash system. Most commonly used for commercial kitchen exhaust.

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The AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster® F72 product lines are highly efficient at collecting and removing harmful cooking contaminant utilizing electrostatic precipitation. Options include: Detergent and detergent tank; odor control modules with media safety filters and activated carbon to remove vapors and cooking odors; double-pass precipitator and/or odor control module sections; dual power packs for high efficiency; blower, motor, VFD and controls packages; skid mounting and weatherproof outdoor enclosures; kitchen-mounted Human Machine Interface (HMI) for remote control of the on-board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Autoclean 8000 unit with door open

High Capacity and Small Footprint. The AUTOCLEAN® 8000.

control panel touchscreen display

Optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Remote Control of AUTOCLEAN® and Smokemaster®.

Product Line Features

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for touchscreen operation. Standard on AUTOCLEAN®, optional on Smokemaster® F72
  • Premium self-wash cycle allows for frequent electrostatic cell cleaning, which optimizes performance
  • Among the smallest in overall system footprint size
  • Unique traversing and rotating wash arms that feature high-velocity spray nozzles delivering best in class self-cleaning results
  • Green performance: The units are highly energy efficient, minimizing electrical expenses. The environmentally-friendly washable filters eliminate the expensive purchase and landfill loading disposal of replacement filters
  • Superior quality and construction drastically reduces system down time, maintenance and cost of ownership
  • Stackable customized modules provide design and installation flexibility for almost any size installation
  • Up to 99% efficiency to ensure clean air
  • Unique design will never block airflow through the kitchen hoods and therefore, will never shut down the kitchen cooking operations
  • Easily reversible for filter access on either side
AUTOCLEAN® air cleaners stacked in double pass

AUTOCLEAN® air cleaners stacked in double pass

F72 air cleaner with carbon filter

F72 air cleaner with carbon filter

Click here to view our Kitchen Exhaust Brochure. Don’t forget, we also carry replacement parts for our commercial kitchen air filtration systems.

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Which type of vent system is used mostly for commercial kitchens?

In commercial kitchens, the type of vent system most commonly used is the commercial kitchen hood ventilation system. These hoods are specifically designed to capture and remove heat, smoke, grease and odors generated during cooking processes. They play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment while complying with fire safety regulations and ensuring food quality.

How much does a commercial kitchen exhaust system cost?

The cost of a commercial kitchen exhaust system can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the kitchen, the type of cooking equipment used, the complexity of the ventilation system and local building codes and regulations. Factors such as the need for custom ductwork, the choice of materials, and the installation process can also impact the overall cost. It’s essential to consult with experienced professionals or contractors who can assess your specific requirements and provide a tailored estimate based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Do commercial kitchen exhaust fans have filters?

Yes, many exhaust systems, particularly those used in commercial kitchens, have filters. These filters play a crucial role in capturing grease, smoke and other airborne particles produced during cooking processes. The specific type and design of filters used in commercial exhaust systems can vary depending on the system’s size, purpose and local regulations. Regular maintenance and cleaning of these filters are essential to ensure the system’s proper functioning and safety.

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